March Excellence Employee Award Ceremony

Promoting a spirit of dedication, teamwork, and excellence in work, encouraging the establishment of positive role models and stimulating employees to take initiative in ” striving for excellence”. To celebrate the remarkable performance of our employees in March, Zuofun perfume factory held the “March Excellence Employee Award Ceremony” on March 30, 2024.

zuofun perfume factory


The ceremony was held under the theme of the company’s slogan, “GOOD!GOOD!VERY GOOD!!” with the entire office workforce gathering to celebrate this moment of glory.

The Leader of Human Resources Department. Mrs. Qiu, emphasized the significance of the Excellence Employee Award Ceremony, hoping to create a solemn and meaningful event that would become a carrier of corporate culture. He also announced the launch of two cultural activities in April: the “Office 5S Management” and “Office Etiquette Activity”.

Then, the Vice General Manager, Fai Chan, introduced the outstanding employees of March one by one, treating them like family.

When he mentioned:

“She has worked diligently to obtain the certification recently. Let’s give her a round of applause.”

“You don’t need to ask who she is. She will always be there when needed.”

“Aunt Fang, had been tirelessly sweeping and cleaning.”

At this moment, a deep sense of recognition and heartfelt respect ignited in our hearts: those who can accomplish extraordinary things in ordinary positions, who love their work, are dedicated to their responsibilities, and pursue self-improvement!

During the ceremony, the outstanding employees delivered heartfelt speeches, sharing their work experiences and insights. They expressed their gratitude for the company’s cultivation and the support of their colleagues, vowing to continue working hard and contributing more power to the company’s development.

Finally, the General Manager, Mr. Zhou, summarized the meeting and proposed new expectations and requirements for the entire staff. He also hopes that the employees can continue to maintain a positive and proactive attitude, contributing more wisdom and power to the company’s development.

The Excellence Employee Award Ceremony not only recognizes outstanding employees but also inspires the entire staff.

Believe that under the correct leadership of the senior management, all employees will work with greater passion and more solid working practices, jointly paving the way for the company’s continued growth.