ZUOFUN June New Arrivals

Slightly Drunk in Progress, Awakening the Self-Contained Soul Perfume Candle

When alcohol and fragrance collide,

the pleasure is multiplied.

Let the smell of alcohol hit your sense of smell,

a new fragrance collection,

a subtle blend of wine and aroma.

The art of fragrance inspired by wine,

opening up a whole new world of senses with the sense of smell.

Perfume Candle, your favorate!

Slightly Drunk · Perfume Candle

Find the momentary scent of pleasure and truly immerse yourself in the fragrance, using “wine as fragrance” to feel the beauty of a slightly intoxicating life.

Slightly Drunk and Perfume
Slightly Drunk and Perfume

#1 Secret love – Sleepy Night 

Top notes:cola, vodka
Mid notes:agave, rum
Base notes:benzoin, musk

A cool Coca-Cola aroma with the mellow notes of four base wines, contradictory and captivating. With sensual and passionate benzoin and musk, the tantalising notes are instant.

Slightly Drunk and Perfume

#2 First Love – The Impulse of Youth

Citrus Fougere Fragrance

Top notes:bitter orange, citrus, blood orange

Mid notes:geranium, jasmine

Base notes:musk, amber, sandalwood, tonka bean

A citrusy, tart top note with rich floral notes of geranium and jasmine. This is a bright and sparkling fragrance. With a gentle whiff, the smell and the joy instantly spread together to every corner of the space in the moment.

Slightly Drunk · Perfume Candle

A fragrance that brings together the ideas of life and art. The fragrance is used to build a pleasant world, to enter into a slightly intoxicating mode with your breath, to enjoy the indulgence of the spirit alone, relaxed and happy.

Slightly Drunk and Perfume

Clean and fresh floral and fruity scents on the nose, the citrusy notes slowly spread out.

Strong wine notes with the cool freshness of ginger, light a scented candle with a slightly intoxicating scent.

Clean and refreshing!

An inexplicable calming effect on the busy mind, and adding a healing touch to the space.

It enters the evening with an elegant and lightly scented libation.

Slightly Drunk and Perfume

Slightly Drunk · Mouth Spray


Feel your mouth surrounded by floral and fruity notes and your mood softening with the aroma.

About incense, about wine, about ideals, there are the dream-boosters of everyday life.

Perfume and wine have countless points of connection, they have long been inspired by each other.

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