Create Your Own Winter Fragrance

Winter has always felt monotonous and cold, so how can you make a bland and uninteresting winter day feel more ambient? Home flameless winter fragrance is a good choice. A warming fragrance product that adds sweetness to the body and a pleasant scent that doubles the good mood. Fill an empty room with fragrance and soothe a tired body with fragrance. It brings a touch of warmth even on a dull winter’s day.

Wonderful fragrances can sustain memories and emotions across time and space. For the urban white collar workers who know how to live, not only do they decorate their home space in style with decorative items, but they also heal themselves with comfortable scented products. The ZUOFUN Winter Collection is a collection of space fragrances with three main notes: floral, marine and heavy perfume, to awaken a sense of winter ritual with a unique and luxurious fragrance.

  1. Vase & Rattan Aromatherapy Collection

A blend of rose scent, fresh watery fragrance and traditional white tea. The floral scent takes you on a journey through a Monet garden in full bloom. The scent of nature blossoms at the tip of your nose and the fragrance lingers in the room, breaking the dullness of winter.

2. Vibrant marine fragrance collection

A subtle hint of the salty sea breeze, revealing the vibrant freshness of the ocean. Non-invasive but seductive, as clear as the morning dew. A vibrant force for lazy winter days.

3. Salon Aroma Collection

A wonderful combination of floral and fruity notes and woody accords collide to create a fragrance that speaks to the heart. Vibrant white flowers and bright citrus dance in the top notes, melting into intoxicating amber and sandalwood. Together, we encounter the beauty of winter.

Winter may be cold, but in the company of ZUOFUN’s space fragrances, let your thoughts drift and take an unexpected journey into poetic living ~ feel the imperceptible moment of resonance between cohesion and diffusion. To chase away the chill of winter and add warmth and romance to your heart with fragrance.

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