The 2023 London Beauty Expo is an endless spectacle!

The London Professional Beauty Exhibition is a large-scale, specialized beauty exhibition in the United Kingdom. The expo is dedicated to creating a platform for the beauty industry, attracting decision-makers from all categories of beauty-related businesses, and showcasing the latest products, technologies, and services in the industry. As a leading event in the UK for beauty, hair, and body care, the London Professional Beauty Exhibition has gained a great reputation in the industry.
The 2023 London Beauty Expo
The exhibition welcomed over 620 exhibitors from more than 70 countries and regions, covering various fields including fragrance, skincare, and makeup. Nearly 40,000 professional attendees had the opportunity to connect with industry experts face-to-face, discover the latest products, brands, and trends on-site. The expo also featured exciting events such as the “Business and Digital Skills Live Stage,” “Skin and Advanced Treatments Live Stage,” “Trends and Technologies Live Stage,” and “CIDESCO Massage and Wellness Workshop,” providing visitors with the opportunity to further their education in business, makeup, aesthetics, digital skills, and more.
The 2023 London Beauty Expo
On March 5th-6th, 2023, Guangzhou Zuofun Cosmetics Co., Ltd. was invited to participate in the exhibition. Zuofun Cosmetics brought more than 200 products to showcase at the expo, covering four major categories: high-end perfumes, exclusive salon series, Zuofun skincare, and Vivacious makeup. Founded in 1997, Guangzhou Zuofun Cosmetics Co., Ltd. is a one-stop cosmetics manufacturer that specializes in perfume, skincare, and makeup as its core business, and is a leader in the beauty industry. The company also helps brand owners solve supply chain integration in multi-platform business models. They offer customized, diverse product solutions to meet brand owners’ needs for customized products with a wider range of service boundaries.
With its unique booth style, Zuofun Cosmetics attracted many visitors, and there was a steady stream of people consulting and negotiating. With the professional team and thoughtful services provided by Zuofun Cosmetics, the atmosphere at the event was continuously heating up, and the popularity was booming! Despite the obstacles of the pandemic in 2022, Zuofun Cosmetics did not stop moving forward but continuously innovated and launched more high-end products that meet consumer needs. New products were everywhere during the exhibition, which can be described as full of surprises. The exhibited products received recognition and attention from a large number of exhibitors. The trendy and avant-garde product concepts, the strongly characterized product imprints, the amazing production and R&D capabilities, and the meticulous service awareness. Every detail of the exhibition is showcasing Zuofun Cosmetics’ extraordinary corporate strength to the world!
Zuofun Cosmetics pursues high quality and focuses on technology-driven fragrance and cosmetics development and manufacturing. It provides professional cosmetics marketing and planning services for new beauty markets and brands. With exclusive customized one-stop product solutions, it builds an agile supply chain platform for the beauty and cosmetics industry. Currently, it serves more than 300 top and emerging beauty and cosmetics brands.

In the future, Zuofun will join hands with you to unlock more exciting possibilities in the beauty industry!