New Arrival, Tea in Fragrance
—— The ultimate in Oriental charm

As autumn sets in, with its harsh winds and sluggish scenery, the need for aromas to spice up your life is even greater. Choose a fresher, brighter tea in fragrance. The pleasant aroma has the magic of chasing away the cold and will give you a warm and refreshing feeling. Tea notes are a special presence in fragrances. It soothes and relaxes the body and mind. Fresh greenery and soft floral notes blend together to create a vibrant and warm atmosphere.

Tea in Fragrance

ZUOFUN has filled the new fragrance with a combination of neo-Chineseism and tea in fragrance. The Tea in Fragrance, “Tea Like Life”, is a series of fragrances. From slightly astringent to aromatic, to light and refreshing, it shows a special oriental flavour.

1. Clean Rain Aroma of Tea

Jasmine and violet, which are always of the right intensity, are at the heart of this fragrance. Like the rich aroma of oolong Tea in Fragrance, the mellow tea broth collides with refreshing citrus. The first sensation is the sourness of lemon, which instantly hits the nose and is sour and invigorating; accompanied by green leaves, like fresh young tea leaves clenched in the palm of the hand to produce juice, slightly flushed with the bitterness of greenery; the finish is with a slight coolness, giving a soothing and ethereal sense of fragrance.

Tea in Fragrance

2、Full-blown flowers and Tea

A fragrance that captures the sweet aroma of a sun-drenched grove. A far-reaching, sweet floral fragrance that enchants with the dreams and hopes of an enchanted garden. The right amount of cinnamon tea aroma is the finishing touch, light and feminine, soft and crunchy. Light and sweet freesia, peach and osmanthus enrich the overall layers, lingering in nature along with sandalwood and musk.

Tea in Fragrance

3、Bamboo Forest Tea Scent

A refreshing orange scent shimmers from the black tea, pure and natural, gentle and long-lasting. The light fragrance spreads from the bottle to the tip of the nose, a relaxed and relaxing flavour that is both stunning and soulful. The coolness of the bergamot becomes more pronounced, like sniffing a flower through a glass bottle. The tea notes intertwine with the floral notes of jasmine and magnolia in a clear, pure and refreshing way. The sandalwood and musk on the finish are more mature.

Tea in Fragrance

A subtle and delicate tea in fragrance with a subtle woody note, light and pleasant. Let the fragrance of nature linger in the room, where time slows down for a moment. Quietly feel the ideal clean clarity and relaxation.

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