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Sport fragrances products have become a popular trend in healthy living in recent years. The pandemic has changed people’s lifestyles, making everyone more concerned about their health than ever before, and also highlighting the importance of “exercise” for good health. Scientists have found that exercise not only produces chemicals in our brains that make us feel happy, but when fragrance molecules enter our brains, they can also produce the same chemicals. Through the sense of smell, fragrances can directly affect psychological regulation, and different fragrances can enhance, alter, or stabilize cognitive and emotional states.

The benefits of aroma have provided inspiration for the perfumers at ZHUOFEN to explore and create innovative fragrances. They have launched a series of fragrant products as an aid for sports, including an antiperspirant and refreshing fragrance spray, a chlorine-removing and softening fragrance shampoo, and a chlorine-removing and salt-removing fragrance body wash. These three fragrant products are all designed around the central theme of “sports,” with lively and fresh scents, eye-catching packaging, and an invigorating feel. They awaken the senses and release your irresistible charm!

1.Antiperspirant and Refreshing Fragrance Spray

Comfortable and Fresh, Release Yourself The refreshing aroma brings a unique olfactory experience.

With people’s pursuit of a healthy lifestyle constantly upgrading, more and more people have incorporated exercise into their daily lives. However, sweat and odor during exercise have become an inevitable problem. To address this, Zuofun has launched the Antiperspirant and Refreshing Fragrance Spray. This spray uses three different fragrance types: Pomelo Punch, Lemon Basil, and Citrus Sea Breeze. The combination of these scents can make you feel refreshed and invigorated during exercise. It can also effectively control sweat and help eliminate body odor, keeping you dry. Moreover, this spray also has antibacterial and disinfectant properties, effectively inhibiting the growth of bacteria. In addition, it is enriched with various natural plant extracts to provide you with a comfortable and relaxing user experience, making you feel refreshed and confident after exercise.

2.Chlorine-removing and Softening Perfumed Shampoo

Refresh and De-stress, Feel the Freshness Travel Light and Professionally Remove Chlorine

Sports Fragrances

Take care of your hair after sports (swimming). Enriched with active anti-chlorine ingredients, it relieves hair damage caused by chlorine during swimming. It improves the dry and rough texture of hair after swimming and makes hair silky, smooth and shiny. The anti-chlorine fragrant shampoo also uses three different fragrances, namely “Grapefruit Punch”, “Peachy Keen”, and “Tangerine Dream”. This fragrance combination can make you feel happy and relaxed while washing your hair. It effectively removes chlorine and salt from your hair, making it more soft and smooth. It not only repairs damaged hair but also soothes the scalp, reduces dandruff, itching and other problems, making your hair healthier and more lustrous. The lightweight and disposable design is convenient for you to carry with you, and you do not need to worry about secondary pollution.

3.Dechlorination and Desalination Fragrant Shower Gel

Gently removes chlorine and soothes the skin Enjoy a healthy exercise

Is the residue of disinfectants in swimming pools harmful to the skin? Can’t get rid of the salt after swimming in the sea? Designed specifically for water sports, the Chlorine and Salt-Removing Fragrant Shower Gel removes residual chlorine and salt on the body after water sports, protecting the skin from damage and effectively alleviating skin damage caused by water sports. The active chlorine-resistant ingredient effectively solves skin itching caused by dryness, chlorine, seawater, and bromine salt. The precise dosage control of the one-time use design allows you to enjoy healthy exercise with ease. The Chlorine and Salt-Removing Fragrant Shower Gel also uses three different fragrances: Grapefruit Youth, Peach Blossom Beauty, and Lemon Energy. It washes away the sticky feeling of sweat while moisturizing and nourishing the skin. The lively fragrance creates a fresh and relaxing shower experience, leaving the skin radiant and glowing.

Has the heat wave dampened your motivation to exercise? Do sore muscles and sticky sweat affect your mood after exercise? Let the refreshing scent invigorate your spirit, cool the surrounding air, reduce the stickiness of sweat, and enhance the fun of exercise. The refreshing effect and convenient user experience can make you feel comfortable, relaxed, and full of energy after exercise. If you have a need to customize such products, Zuofun is willing to provide you with professional OEM & ODM services. Customize products that meet your brand image and market demand. Let’s work together to create a healthier and more beautiful life!

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