Smell , asserting self-awareness with fragrance

The sense of smell is associated with emotional memories.

The hint of fragrance in the air,

wrapped in emotions that hold us captive.

Building our own olfactory utopia,

for our pleasure, for our life.

Asserting Self-awareness

In our brain structure, the olfactory bulb, which connects the olfactory nerve, is very close to the hippocampus and amygdala, which are responsible for memory and emotions. The sense of smell is therefore often associated with emotions and can evoke old memories that are still vivid. 

In recent years, the choice of perfume has gradually shifted from “picking a good scent” to “resonating with the story of the perfume”. The sense of smell, as a sense organ, is also an important carrier of emotions.

Let’s look at the new fragrances launched by the biggest brands in the second half of 2022, and what stories they tell.

Hermès Violet Winter 2022 Perfume —— Violette Volinka

Where beautiful violets meet powerful leather, the new addition to the Hermès fragrance range features a beautiful “violet flower”. This flower symbolises modesty and is said to foster humility and consideration, creating a unique scent by adding an essence unique to Maison.

The violet flower’s appeal lies in Vorinka leather, the “mystery leather” used in the brand’s leather goods. By boldly blending a strong and distinctive scent that is the opposite of violet, Hermès has created a surprisingly elegant fragrance that enhances the unknown depths of violet.

Hermès Violet Winter Perfume

Calvin Klein Fearless Eau de Parfum (New)

Fresh, brave, seductive and unconcerned with boundaries. The premium CK scent builds on the original signature woody base with an unexpected deeper, warmer twist. Opening with crisp top notes of orange oil and black pepper, this fragrance exudes an irresistible freshness. Addictive and intense, the core of velvety smooth leather notes contrasts strongly with the fresh top notes. Blends Saffiano Moroccan leather and rich suede aromas in a new, rugged way. Adds a powerful, natural note to the fragrance.

Calvin Klein Fearless Eau de Parfum (New)

Carolina Herrera Good Girl Midnight (Limited Edition)

A tribute to the mystery of the night with its rich scent and shimmering black to gold gradient of stiletto heels. This new fragrance is a rich and textured Eau de Parfum that transcends the essence of the original Good Girl. The intense femininity of tuberose and neroli redefines the duality that inspires each Good Girl fragrance. Warm base notes of zero lime bean, vanilla and patchouli are complemented by sparkling top notes of pink pepper and almond.

Carolina Herrera Good Girl Midnight (Limited Edition)

Miss Dior Bobby Limited Edition

The new Bobby bottle is Miss Dior Eau de Parfum, a fresh and sensual fragrance. It has a rose-centred floral note with a powdery touch of iris and features peony. The thousand-leaf rose, with notes of honey and pepper, dominates the creamy, velvety centre. The base notes have woody, earthy and vanilla notes.

Miss Dior Bobby Limited Edition

Serge Lutens new fragrances:Poivre Noir

A black and white sobriety in the form of a manifesto. Prejudiced, radical, this fragrance is sure to sweep the market. Rediscover your tastes. With their refined style, these bottles reflect the exacting nature and character of their creators. A sobriety dedicated to the richness and luxury of perfume, with scents and colours as rich and subtle as gemstones and our personalities.

Serge Lutens new fragrances

PRADA new fragrances:Paradoxe

The timeless floral and feminine qualities of a white flower bouquet, dominated by neroli and jasmine, are reinterpreted with the fresh dimension of neroli buds. Capturing the timeless, the edgy, the natural and the innovative in fragrance. Creating an intimate yet powerful and long-lasting fragrance trail.

Reinvent sensuality with Ambrofix amber notes for a vibrant warmth. Reinvent the intensity with the new revolutionary musk molecule Serenolide for a subtle and comforting fragrance trail that is intense but noticeable from the first notes.

Perfume manufacturer
The combination of smell and vision makes perfume a vehicle for emotion and memory. When fragrance is linked to human emotions, smell becomes a form of expression of self-awareness. In multiple artistic forms, the fragrance is used to express oneself and assert oneself. As light and shadow flow, the heart of freedom moves in sync.

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