ZUOFUN August New Arrivals
——Sense of smell and soul travel together

Mountains, forests, deserts, oceans. …… perfumers use their powerful imagination to recreate these scenes for us. Let’s take a tour of the entire planet and experience the beauty of the world through scent.

The sense of smell is the most powerful sense that touches the human heart. You may forget someone, a time and a place, but when the sense of smell is triggered by a special scent, for a moment you go back in time and re-experience what you felt then.

Sense of smell and soul travel together

ZUOFUN’s new festive fragrance collection. 

It contains 3 of the most iconic fragrances, created for today’s fun Around the World feature. Using fragrances to recreate the beauty of the world, you can travel around the globe and make up for stolen time without leaving home.

1. Oriental Spring Festival

The Chinese New Year is a very festive time and is decorated everywhere in red to express good wishes for the coming year. The exterior of the bottle is dominated by a festive illustration of the Chinese New Year. The deep red colour of the perfume liquid adds to its unique warmth and enthusiasm. It is simple and elegant, with a refined texture.

Deep red colour perfume

The fragrance opens with a bright and fresh note, slightly bitter yet recognizable and refreshing. Top notes of cardamom and bergamot are combined with warm woody notes of leather, ambergris and cedar. A bold blend of oriental and western notes. Delicate and soft, yet warm and inviting. Like the warmth of the winter afternoon sun, with a touch of sophistication.

2. Samba’s Dance

Through the tropical forest scent of flowering plants and water, it is as if you are under the fruit trees on the banks of the Amazon. It is as if a soothing freshness is pouring down from the verdant tropical gardens and the depths of the jungle, with a refreshing atmosphere like a passionate Brazilian carnival.

Samba Dance fragrance

The new spirited Samba Dance fragrance celebrates the reverence for all things natural. A refreshing scent with a crisp atmosphere like a passionate Brazilian carnival. A heady blend of tropical fruit and floral notes. Fresh honeyed oranges and pineapples collide with sweet sugar wine to create a different kind of scent. With a seductive sweet fruit aroma, the fragrance creates a samba-like exuberance.

3. Water Festival in summer

Forget the summer heat and humidity and welcome a rare and beautiful moment of refreshment with blessed clean water. The purity and freshness of water reveals its watery tenderness and tolerance, taking away the stickiness and fussiness of summer.

Restrained fragrance

Mint is paired with water lilies for a quiet, restrained fragrance. Mint carries a hint of coolness and blows away the summer heat. Hints of violet and rose hint at the fragrance. Vanilla and cedar act as an undercurrent, like a fresh aroma after being washed by water. The fragrance instantly transports you to a water festival in Thailand. The feeling of freedom and liberation in the water is fully expressed, with the joy of flying in the air. Elegant cleanliness, like the clarity of water droplets.

As the familiar scent curls out, the memories of a joyous holiday replay.
Travel and fragrance are supposed to be together.
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