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20+ Years Largest Cosmetics OEM Production Base-Guangzhou Zuofun Cosmetics Co., Ltd.

The top R&D Experience team in China consists of a number of medical doctoral supervisors and professors from the Department of Chemistry. They are responsible for the development of specialised product projects. The team is supported by international luxury brand perfumers: Lucas Sieuzac and Isabel Gil, international senior perfumers, who have developed many best-selling fragrances such as Davidoff, Victoria’s Secret, George Armani and Givenchy.

Each project leader has more than 10 years of R&D experience in the field. We develop targeted research and development for our customers, digging deeper into their needs and tailoring product formulations for them. At present, we have more than 2,000 mature product formulations and more than 3,000 classic perfume formulations. Relying on its own R&D innovation platform and efficient development strength, and joint domestic and international R&D institutions strategic cooperation. We develop exclusive products for different customer needs and provide safe and efficient products and technical support for more quality customers.

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R&D Experience

1000 ㎡perfume research and development laboratory

Perfume R&D Team

The famous perfumer and aromatist Mr. Li Riming led the research and development, and hired special perfumers with a lot of money: international senior perfumers Lucas Sieuzac and Isabel Gil (who have developed Davidoff, Victoria’s Secret, Giorgio Armani, Givenchy and many other best-selling well-known perfumes), has developed more than 3000 classic perfume formulations.

Skincare R&D Experience Team

Mr. Xiao Xiong, an outstanding engineer, is the leader of the R&D Experince of ZUNFUN, and the top domestic scientific research team composed of several medical doctoral supervisors and professors of the Department of Chemistry, led a group of hard-working talents in China to develop one after another explosive product.

R&D Experience

1000 ㎡ skincare research and development laboratory


R&D Experience
R&D Experience

ZUOFUN Cosmetics has a strong technical force with a number of senior R&D engineers from home and abroad. We have carried out revolutionary and groundbreaking scientific research in the field of cosmetics and perfumes. We have thousands of mature and efficient high-tech core technology formulas for cosmetics and perfumes. The key determinant of product quality and brand core competitiveness lies in scientific research strength, and ZUOFUN understands this. We continue to invest in scientific research to enhance our scientific strength and maintain our innovative vitality, so as to provide more and more competitive quality products for our customers’ brands and lead the cosmetic industry in high-quality development.

Through various forms of international and domestic scientific and technological cooperation and exchange, we actively carry out the introduction, absorption and reinvention of technology. We have accepted heavyweight R&D experts from home and abroad to our R&D centre to conduct research and development of new formulations and new technologies.

We provide better product planning for our customers’ brands in all aspects. Keeping abreast of international industry R&D developments and capturing market information suitable for the development of different types of brands.

We help our customers to create and realise the value of their brands and improve their competitiveness in the market. We also use high precision advanced instruments to test raw materials and carry out systematic scientific control to ensure the safe development of products. All products are clinically tested by authoritative institutions, injecting hardcore R&D power to differentiate cosmetic and perfume development. We also provide exclusive raw material application research and development for our client brands to provide customized product services to meet the needs of the growing market.