Zuofun Perfume Women Secret Body Mist

/Zuofun Perfume Women Secret Body Mist

Zuofun Perfume Women Secret Body Mist


Zuofun Women secret Body Mist 250ml

6 Fragrances

  • Love Spell: Floral fruity notes
  • Rush: Oriental floral notes
  • Amber Romance: Oriental cuisine
  • Love Spell Nair: Floral fruity notes
  • Coconut Passion: Floral and fruity food notes
  • Bane Vanilla: Oriental cuisine notes
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The scents belongs to you

Your charming is everywhere

Zuofun—-Fragrance Body Mist

Unique Fragrance,Six Models

Six fragrance types, decrypt fragrance

You can change different fragrances every day to meet your mood.

Love Spell

Floral fruity notes

spraying is just like rain, the air is very fresh. It feels like wearing a white skirt shuttles in the garden next to the jasmine, soft and sweet mixed with floral and fruit aroma.

Base notes smell mature, gentle and charming.


Oriental floral notes

A ray of sunlight breaks through the window and shine on your face. I see him lying next to you while turning around,.Then continue to be buried in his neck. The unpredictable ambiguity, free and easy natural randomness, attracted to each other.

Amber Romance

Oriental cuisine

Like the first bite of candies tasted in summer, the sweet and delicious feeling hits the whole body. It’s the heartbeat, the first love. my whole world is sweet when you smile. There is a unique charm with sandalwood and amber. Everything is as peaceful as a fairy tale.

Love Spell Nair

Floral fruity notes

The top note is a lively fruity fragrance. This fruity fragrance will gradually transition to a charming floral fragrance. The fragrance is sweet and transparent. The dark fragrance is like a quiet moonlight, strolling in a Chinese courtyard with winding paths.

Coconut Passion

Floral and Fruity Gourmet Notes

It will make men want to die if they smell it, and they will become addicted and poisoned. Rich, mysterious, passionate, unstoppable, with a touch of coolness. it’s a fragrance that can’t be given up.

Bane Vanilla

Oriental cuisine

This is a perfume that will hide and seek with you. At first, you think that your sense of smell is not working for a certain molecule. It was like a glass of clear water. When you were feeling tasteless, a faint jasmine floated is over. The base note slowly turns from cold to warm, slowly showing a unique skin-friendly musk, which is a high-end deodorant.

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