Zuofun Original Perfume for Men AOUD

/Zuofun Original Perfume for Men AOUD

Zuofun Original Perfume for Men AOUD


Wood perfume for men is a natural spray perfume. The initial violet fragrance of the original wood perfume will attract you and make you wonder about its fragrance. Gradually, original wood perfume makes you discover that woody perfume is warm and mellow, which makes you more and more in love with the original wood perfume.


Wood 88666

Wooden Perfume for Men

MOQ: 10000pcs

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Item:  AOUD 88667

Fragrance: wooden oriental scent

Top note: agarwood (ebony) Brazilian rosewood

Middle notes: pepper, vetiver, tonka bean

Base Notes: Vanilla Amber Sandalwood

Description: The beginning is unique and continuous wood scent, and slightly mixed with a trace of spicy feeling, and finally accompanied by a long and strong sandalwood, mysterious and charming Oriental wood incense, let your male hormones instantly burst.

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