Wooden Fougere Fragrance

Wooden Fougere Fragrance Men Perfume-Infinity

Fragrance: Wooden Fougere Scent
Top notes: tonka bean, lemon, bitter
Middle notes: mango, sage, tangerine
Base notes: sandalwood, patchouli

Infinity Men Perfume

Wooden Fougere Fragrance

MOQ 10,000pcs


Wooden Fougere Fragrance Men Perfume

Infinity Men Perfume 88200

For those of you who believe in your instincts and have the courage to forge your own path. A mysterious and mysterious quest is ready to unfold under the dazzling new wave of energy. A bold transformation, a reinterpretation of a fashion classic.

This fragrance for men contains a blend of premium sandalwood, vibrant sage and absinthe, giving off a rich, mellow fragrance energy that instantly ignites passion without fear of challenge. The packaging is black, with a minimalist carton exterior that combines the relaxed attitude of the fragrance with an innovative, modern design and creativity. The long-lasting, raw scent of citrus and fur evokes endless visions of deep mountains and wide oceans. It slowly releases a man’s innate charm and captures the heart of a woman. A perfect expression of a man’s passionate and adventurous spirit.

Wooden Fougere Fragrance


The top notes greet you with clean, fresh lemon and absinthe, with a hint of leather. Masculine and bold with courage.

The middle notes blend fresh sage and honeyed orange, adding a natural and light aldehydic note to the characterful fragrance.

The base note turn to warm sandalwood and patchouli, and a sense of dominance and verve flows through the fragrance to finish it off!


Product Information

Type: Eau De Toilette

Volume: 100ml

Size: 14*11.5*5cm

Color: Black

MOQ: 10,000pcs


① Samples are available;

② Private Label (Full customized & white label production(Low MOQ));

③ One-stop manufacturing and shipping services.



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