reed diffuser

The new fashion driver- reed diffuser


Zuofun Cosmetics Ltd. specializes in perfume fragrances and reed diffuser. It was established in 1997 and has many years of experience with the production of fragrances. Internationally, perfume and fragrance technology have always been at forefront of the scene. We are dedicated to the research and development of fragrances for personal and lifestyle use. The brands we work with today extend from beauty to hospitality and apparel. We will provide quality products and impeccable service, including reed diffuser. We assist companies in developing a strategic operating system that utilizes perfume and fragrance to create an exclusive advantage in their marketing.

Zuofun, a company that is known for its high quality and innovative technology, is quickly rising in the perfume fragrance industry. With a factory area of over 60,000 square meters, we have a special R&D room, a fragrance blending room and a 100,000-grade clean and dust-free production workshop. A group of professionals including product structure engineers, perfumers, and formulating engineers are available. Our products are high-quality and provide a strong guarantee to our customers that they will succeed in entering the market. We currently provide processing cooperation for almost 100 brands in the home and abroad. Our excellent service and reliable quality have earned us the respect of all our customers and we have established a solid, long-term relationship.

reed diffuser

Reed diffuser is a popular option, which can be used in numerous locations with a virtually endless variety of fragrances. Understanding how these products work can help you make a right choice. This simple guide can assist you, whether you already use reed diffusers or are interested in buying some for your home.

reed diffuser

What Are Reed Diffusers?

  • A reed diffuser consists of three main components:
  • A small bottle ,usually made of glass
  • A set of wooden sticks, typically numbering around seven total pieces

Liquid fragrance

The scented liquid is poured into the jar and the reeds are then placed inside. The ends of the reeds extend above the top of the jar into the open air. The size can range from just a few inches tall to over a foot in height.

How Do They Spread The Fragrance Throughout The Home?

The wooden reed sticks absorb the oils as they sit in the liquid. The oil travels up the wooden stem and its fragrance is dispersed into the air.

People have been using the concept of reed diffusers for centuries, utilizing various to absorb and disperse the fragrance of essential oils. Reed diffuser has become popular in the past few decades.

reed diffuser



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