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obsess perfume
obsess perfume
obsess perfume

Perfume Body Spray For Women Floral Fruity Fragrance——OBSESS

Fragrance: floral and fruity gourmet scent
Top notes: raspberry, strawberry, sour cherry, blackberry, black currant, lemon orange
Middle notes: jasmine, violet
Base notes: amber, oak moss, woody, musk, patchouli, vanilla, Kashmiri

OBSESS Perfume

Floral and Fruity Gourmet Fragrance

MOQ 10,000pcs


Floral & Fruity Fragrance 100ml Women Perfume – OBSESS
obsess perfume

Obsess Women Perfume Body Spray

A unique floral fragrance of raspberry and lemon citrus combined with elegant jasmine petals, finished with smooth vanilla and musk for an elegant and soft scent. With each spray, the fragrant floral notes spread out, as if entering a flowery paradise. Warm vanilla and musk come together to create a fresh, lingering and unforgettable fragrance that feels like being in the middle of nature.

The bottle resembles a budding flower. The transparent bottle sets off the pale pink perfume, and the white cap and pink perfume together are elegant and refined without being too fun, bringing out the femininity of the fragrance. Focusing the soul of the fragrance on the scent itself, it allows you to follow the trail of scents to find those things in life that you have been deeply enamoured with.


Floral and Fruity Gourmet Fragrance

The top notes are raspberry, strawberry, sour cherry, blackberry and many other fruity notes that are fresh and slightly tart, yet somewhat gentle and sweet. It dances with playfulness and energy.

The middle notes of jasmine and violet emerge as soon as the top notes dissipate. Slowly the sour shell melts away to reveal the sweet and sugary heart inside, sweet and dry. The scent curls up and relaxes the body and mind in our perfume body spray.

The base notes of amber, musk and patchouli are woody and long lasting, gently tugging at the heartstrings of each individual. It leaves a mysterious, deep impression.

obsess perfume
obsess perfume

Product Perfume Body Spray

Type: Eau De Toilette

Volume: 100ml

Size: 9.5*9.5*12cm

Color: Pink

MOQ: 10,000pcs


① Samples available;

② Private Label (Full customized & white label production(Low MOQ));

③ One-stop manufacturing and shipping services.



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