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aoud perfume
aoud perfume
aoud perfume
aoud perfume

Oud Perfume Wooden Oriental Fragrance Popular Perfume – Aoud

Fragrance: wooden oriental scent
Top notes: agarwood (ebony) , Brazilian, rosewood
Middle notes: pepper, vetiver, tonka bean
Base notes: vanilla, amber, sandalwood

Oud Perfume For Men AOUD

Wooden Oriental Fragrance

MOQ 10,000pcs


Wooden Oriental Fragrance Perfume
aoud perfume

Aoud Men Perfume 88667

A mysterious and ancient temple where incense is burned in an ethereal and lofty manner. A fragrance that awakens memories of warm, fragrant and purifying scents. A gentle, yet distant fragrance that takes you into its arms without moving.

Selected from the pure part of ebony, the scent of the higher woody fragrance comes with a sense of style and class, indulging in it the moment it is puffed out. Pepper and tonka beans bring a smoky feel – refined and introspective. Like those handsome gentlemen in Golden Age films, it is both Eastern and Western in its calmness and gentleness. The sandalwood is enveloped by powdery notes of vanilla and amber, presenting a rich delicacy. There is a hint of restrained tenderness in the slightly sweet finish, a delicate and reassuring warmth. A charming blend of conflict and restraint. The bitterness of ebony, the warm sweetness of vanilla, the spicy kick of pepper and the firmness of woody notes all blend together perfectly in a rich and luxurious fragrance.

Wooden Oriental Fragrance

The top notes are a pleasant surprise. The smell of ebony breaks through the heavy clouds and slants like sunlight. The nose instantly feels its warmth. This is followed by Brazilian mahogany and cardamom subtly blended into the ebony, with spicy notes colliding with woody notes and adding some restrained sweetness.

Mid-tones of dry, spicy pepper and cardamom join in to finish off the ebony. The atmosphere gradually heats up as the originally brooding and deep aromas begin to rise.

The base notes of sandalwood and amber exude a deep charm. The thick woody notes are high and sensual, activated by a warm and sensual lingering aroma that feels warmer the more you smell it.

aoud perfume

Product Information

Type: Eau De Toilette

Volume: 100ml

Size: 14.5*6*6cm

Color: Black

MOQ: 10,000pcs


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aoud perfume



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