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Private Label Fragrance Oriental Floral 100ml Women Perfume

Private label perfume: Oriental Floral Scent
Top notes: ginger, cardamom, pepper
Middle notes: orange blossom, peony, gardenia, coconut
Base notes: sandalwood, musk, amber

Dancer Crystal Black 88683

Oriental Floral Fragrance

MOQ 10,000pcs


Wooden Oriental Fragrance Perfume
dancer Men

Dancer Crystal Black 88683-Private Label Perfume

Extremely feminine, with a touch of elegance in every move. The elegance and refinement of the top notes are complemented by the intense amber of the base notes. It highlights the conflicts and contradictions in a woman’s body, with an elegant and sexy side.

In the scent of this stylish fragrance, ginger and coconut meet from start to finish in a paradoxical collision of coolness and gentleness. It is not until the floral notes in the middle of the fragrance emanate that the beauty of elegance is achieved. The final notes are amber which, along with the overall fragrance, tend to be warm and mellow, beautifully contented. The composition of the fragrance is very layered. Sweet and dark on the outside, with a subtle scent. The blend of warm and intense amber creates an amazing contradiction. Just like every woman has two sides: sweet and sexy, or vulgar and sophisticated Private Label Fragrance.


Oriental Floral Private Lable Perfume-make your own perfume

The top note is a punchy, spicy spice note. Ginger, cardamom and pepper dominate the surrounding space with abandon, like a sexy, independent woman whose presence you can’t ignore.

The middle notes are fresh and floral with coconut for a sweet freshness. The lightness of the scent is like your most intimate dress, always with you.

The amber base note is long and long-lasting, with a feminine and charming touch. An ultra-feminine oriental floral fragrance that is both stylish and elegant, glamorous and confident.

daner Men
dancer Men

Product Information

Type: Eau De Toilette

Volume: 100ml

Size: 15.5*11*6.5cm

Color: Dark Purple

MOQ: 10,000pcs


① Samples are available;

② Private Label Perfume(Full customized & white label production(Low MOQ));

③ One-stop manufacturing and shipping services.

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