Men Perfume Leather Fragrance
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safari black
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Men Perfume Leather Fragrance 100ml Hot Selling-Safari Black

Fragrance: Leather Scent
Top notes: saffron, cinnamon
Middle notes: honey, orange, flower, cypress
Base notes: leather, pralines, almonds

Men Perfume Leather Fragrance

MOQ 10,000pcs


Safari Black
safari black

Safari Black Men Perfume 88626

The leather aroma is like an invisible undercurrent that makes the fragrance more and more disorienting. It leaves you with the most unique sensual impression, a deep scent and an indulgent release of freedom.

This is a special and resonant male fragrance that completes the new century masculinity in terms of fragrance expression. A sexy, vibrant and captivating leather scent that women will never forget. The visual praline is mouth-watering, with powdery, spicy cinnamon and slightly acidic saffron to enhance the layers of the fragrance. The leather of the whole fragrance seems clean and soft. The addition of botanicals such as cypress, neroli and almond make the leather seem much fresher. A perfect combination of leather and spicy spices, a stimulating contrast and unmistakable vitality. Very different from the rugged leather, but completely retaining the soul of the leather’s natural aroma, it smells like the luxury of fine leather.

Leather Fragrance

The top notes hit the nose with a strong scent of saffron and cinnamon, with a subtle hint of leather. The faint acidity and medicinal sensation of saffron gives a very special note to the intense spice and leather.

The middle notes are infused by honey with orange blossom and cypress, providing a fresh, delicate note and an enticing but subtle sweetness. Giving the middle note a dense and seductive ice cream-like quality!

The base notes are more leather-led. Praline and almond give the leather a slightly creamy touch and make the fragrance softer. It gives the leather a touch of gentleness and languor.

safari black
safari black

Product Information

Type: Eau De Toilette

Volume: 100ml

Size: 15.5*11*5cm

Color: Black

MOQ: 10,000pcs


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