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Fourgere Fragrance Charming Men Perfume-Dancer Forest

Fragrance: Fourgere Scent
Top notes: bergamot, orange
Middle notes: tea, black currant
Base notes: white rosin, musk, sandalwood, bitter orange leaves

Dancer Forest 88682

Fourgere Fragrance Charming Men Perfume

MOQ 10,000pcs


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Dancer Forest 88682

The world is crazy, inhumane and corrupt, yet you have been sober, gentle and spotless.

The distinctive aroma from the tea leaves mixes with the unique freshness and fruitiness of the blackcurrant. The musk also hints at the fragrance, and the whole fragrance is clean and light. The invigorating, soothing alpine air and the pure, clear water of the Alps. A cold, crisp and refreshing scent of snow-capped mountains, as if the white flowers of the mountains were blooming in the snow. The overall scent is fresh, elegant and gentle.

Fourgere Fragrance

The top note opens with a citrusy note that has a cold and refreshing feel. Like a gushing mountain spring beneath a snowy mountain, it is refreshing and invigorating. The scent of ice and snow seems to linger on your nostrils.

The middle note is a refreshing fruity blend of tea and blackcurrant. The sharp icy edge of the lemon notes passes and the tea is dense. There is also a hint of musk, and the fragrance is relatively clean, as if the snow and ice are beginning to melt under the spring sun and everything is coming back to life.

The overall fragrance on the base note is like a stream flowing through a meadow, with sandalwood and musk dominating the scent. The scent is as clear as a running stream, with a slight woody note that wafts everywhere.

dancer Men
dancer Men

Product Information

Type: Eau De Toilette

Volume: 100ml

Size: 15.5*11*6.5cm

Color: Grey Gold

MOQ: 10,000pcs


① Samples are available;

② Private Label (Full customized & white label production(Low MOQ));

③ One-stop manufacturing and shipping services.

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