COSMO Pink – 88647

/COSMO Pink – 88647

COSMO Pink – 88647


Fragrance: Floral Notes
Top note: l emon tangerine basil
Middle note:  Yilan Rose
Base Notes:  Musk, Linglingxiang bean, yellow sunflower

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  • Item: COSMO PINK 88647

    Fragrance:Flower Notes

    Top Note: lemon tangerine basil

    Middle Note: Yilan Rose

    Base Note:Musk, Linglingxiang bean,yellow sunflower

    Description: Slightly sour bergamot, a faint trace of sweet tangerine, provoke by the window overlooking the woman heart itch,

    The morning dew slid slowly along the petals of the rose and ylang , and the sweet taste gradually came out. The breeze brushed her hair, and the early green taste gradually faded.

    The warm musk neutralized the sour fruit and the sweet flower fragrance, while the soft feminine charm added some warmth for her.


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