coconut foaming facial cleaner

Coconut Foaming Facial Cleaner 150ml

Coconut Foaming Facial Cleaner 150ml

Bubbling Quickly

Moisturizing and Smooth

Deep Cleaning

Product Specification:150ml

MOQ 960pcs


Coconut Foaming Facial Cleaner

Coconut Foaming Facial Cleaner 150ml


Rich in various fat-soluble ingredients

Deeply cleans the skin

Effectively nourish and repair the skin


Amino acid cleansing system

Gently wash away the dirt on the surface of the skin, clean the oil from the pores, and let the skin breathe freely


Brighten and moisturize skin, increase skin elasticity, and make skin delicate and smooth

Sodium hyaluronate

Deeply moisturizes the skin, reduces skin moisture loss, and promotes moisture absorption


Soft silicone brush head

Deep clean the pores

Massage while cleaning

Easily removes oil, dirt and makeup residues from the skin

coconut foaming facial cleaner

Product Information

Name: Coconut Foaming Facial Cleaner

Net Weight: 150ml

Size: 250*50*50mm

Packing: 96pcs/carton

MOQ: 960pcs


① Samples are available;

② Private Label (Full customized & white label production(Low MOQ));

③ One-stop manufacturing and shipping services.




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