Brightening Facial Serum

Brightening Facial Serum With Vitamin C 30ml New

Brightening Facial Serum With Vitamin C

Removes roughness and yellowing.

Brighter and fuller skin.

Product Specification:30ml

MOQ 1,920pcs


Brightening Facial Serum


Encounter translucent, bright white skin.

Stable form of Vitamin C visibly improves the appearance of sun spots, hyperpigmentation, and uneven skin tone while helping give your skin a brightened appearance.

  1. Increase skin radiance: Fight against free radicals and accelerate skin metabolism. The skin is not only hydrated, but also brighter.
  1. Firming and Repair: Gently penetrates the skin’s underlying care. Helps to boost the skin’s own repairing power.

Maintain skin elasticity: Improve skin’s water storage capacity, increase skin elasticity. Keep skin elastic and supple.

3-O-ethyl ascorbic acid(Vitamin C):

It can reach the dermis through the stratum corneum, inhibit melanin production, repair skin cell activity, increase collagen, and make the skin full and elastic.

Sodium hyaluronate:

Moisturize deep into the skin, reduce skin moisture loss and promote moisture absorption

Paeonia lactiflora root extract:

Effectively penetrates the skin deeply, repairs damaged skin cells, and softens the skin.

Vitamin C Brightening Professional Facial Serum

Moist and silky

Moisture replenish

Bright and radiant

Brightening Facial Serum

Product Information

Name: Brightening Facial Serum With Vitamin C

Net Weight: 30ml

Size: 35*35*100mm

Packing: 192pcs/carton

MOQ: 1920pcs


① Samples are available;

② Private Label (Full customized & white label production(Low MOQ));

③ One-stop manufacturing and shipping services.




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