Aloe Body Scrub 250g

Aloe Body Scrub 250g With New Plant Extracts & Vitamin E

Aloe Body Scrub 250g With Vitamin E

Polishes & Exfoliates

Buff away dead skin cell

Smooth & soften skin

Product Specification:250g

MOQ 960pcs


Aloe Body Scrub 250g

Aloe Body Scrub With Vitamin E

Aloe Vera

Plant extracts

Wash away impurities, moisturise and nourish.

Leaves skin hydrated and refined.

Gentle and skin-friendly, clean up old dead skin cells.

Fine scrub granules: Gently exfoliates dead skin with a selection of natural salts.

Unclogs pores: Clears clogged pores of impurities.

Refines skin: Softens skin, restores clarity and smoothness.

  1. Fine skin

Dissolve old dead skin cells, dirt in pores, and make skin delicate.

  1. Smooth skin

Take away old dead skin cells, skin becomes more transparent, smooth and tender.

  1. Skin is hydrated

A variety of plant hydrating ingredients, exfoliating without drying.

Extract essence ingredients

Nourish every inch of skin.

Vitamin E: Enhance skin elasticity and retain skin moisture.

Portulaca extract: Gently soothes, strengthens the skin barrier, and speeds up skin repair.

Centella Asiatica Extract: Plant collagen gives the skin elasticity and makes the skin smooth and tender.

Aloe Body Scrub 250g

Product Information

Name: Aloe Body Scrub With Vitamin E

Net Weight: 250g

Size: 90*85*85mm

Packing: 96pcs/carton

MOQ: 960pcs


① Samples are available;

② Private Label (Full customized & white label production(Low MOQ));

③ One-stop manufacturing and shipping services.

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