100ml Perfume
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100ml Perfume Aquatic Woody Fragrance -My Secret Black

Fragrance: aquatic woody scent
Top notes: grapefruit, sea water, orange
Middle notes: bay leaf, jasmine
Base notes: guaiac wood, oak, moss, patchouli

100ml Perfume

Aquatic Woody Fragrance

MOQ 10,000pcs


Aquatic Woody Fragrance 100ml Perfume
Private labeling

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Woody marine notes are the main theme of this fragrance. The waves lapping at the beach, the welcome sea breeze and the pounding waves’ light tide of salt, with a subdued and sensual woody note in it, fresh and comfortable.

This fragrance speaks of intriguing sensuality and sensual pleasure in its rawest form. The overall fragrance is a comforting aquatic woody note with the naturalness and freshness of a sea breeze. Mixed with the freshness and cleanliness of the citrus notes, it finishes with a light, deep, woody fragrance, distant and long. It slowly brings out the seduction of masculinity and an intriguing sensuality.

Aquatic Woody Fragrance


The top notes open up the nose with oceanic notes, grapefruit and orange vapour-filled freshness that stimulate the palate and nose, asserting the refreshing taste of the top notes.

The middle note is dominated by a spicy note of bay leaf with a slight bitterness. The salty notes of the sea merge with the fresh fragrance of jasmine, layered with sweetness, with some spice blends coming out.

The base note is gradually taken over by woody notes. The woody notes of oakmoss, healing wood, ambergris and patchouli are enriched, pushing through a gradual layering of woody notes that slowly bring out the allure of masculinity.

my secret
my secret

Product Information

Type: Eau De Toilette

Volume: 100ml

Size: 16.5*10*6cm

Color: Black

MOQ: 10,000pcs


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