Men Perfume

//Men Perfume
  • Wood 88666

    Fragrance: wooden Fougere scent
    Top note: Violet Violet Leaf
    Middle note: vetiver cedar
    Base Notes: amber, musk, fir

    Wooden Perfume for Men

    MOQ 10000pcs

  • Wood perfume for men is a natural spray perfume. The initial violet fragrance of the original wood perfume will attract you and make you wonder about its fragrance. Gradually, original wood perfume makes you discover that woody perfume is warm and mellow, which makes you more and more in love with the original wood perfume.


    Wood 88666

    Wooden Perfume for Men

    MOQ: 10000pcs

  • Fragrance: Oriental Fougere
    Top note: bergamot pineapple
    Middle notes: lavender jasmine apple
    Base Notes: amber, patchouli, cedar, musk

    Mode: Explore Noir-88362

    MOQ: 10000pcs

  • explorer fragrantica

    Fragrance: green leaf Fougere
    Top notes: lavender apple mint grapefruit basil
    Middle notes: carnation, sage, geranium, jasmine
    Base Notes: patchouli fir

    Mode: Explore perfume – 88080

    MOQ: 10000pcs

  • ZUOFUN 200ML Factory Price Long Lasting Body Spray Perfume For Men
    Product Name
    ZUOFUN 200ML Factory Price Long Lasting Body Spray Perfume For Men
    Item No.
    Brand Name
    Eau De Toilette
    96pcs for in stock, 5000pcs for custom
    T/T, L/C, Credit card, Paypal, Wester Union and so on
    Delivery Time
    15-30 days after deposit
    OEM & ODM accepted
    Can offer related certificates
    Have professional bottle and box designer team(R&D TEAM above 30 persons)
    Supply Ability
    100,000 pcs per day





  • Fragrance: Woody Oriental
    Top notes: saffron, violet, jasmine, spice
    Middle notes: sandalwood, vetiver, cedar
    Base notes: ambergris, patchouli, ebony, musk


    Mode: Nomad Perfume

    MOQ: 10000pcs

  • Fragrance:  Woody Oriental
    Top note:  bergamot, oregano, pepper
    Middle note:  incense, amber, labdanum, red myrrh
    Base note:  leather patchouli agarwood (ebony) sandalwood

  • Fragrance:  Oriental Floral
    Note:  Patchouli Vanilla Rose Agarwood (Ebony)

  • Mode: Dancer forest - 88682

    Fragrance :  Fourgere fragrance
    Top note :  bergamot, orange
    Middle note :  tea black currant
    Base notes :  white rosin, musk, sandalwood, bitter orange leaves

    MOQ: 10000pcs


  • Mode: Dancer Men - 88334

    Fragrance :  Oriental Fougere
    Top note :  bergamot pineapple
    Middle notes :  lavender jasmine apple
    Base Notes :  amber, patchouli, cedar, musk

    MOQ: 10000pcs

  • Mode: Dancer Noir - 88669

    Fragrance :  Woody Oriental
    Top note :  bergamot, oregano, pepper
    Middle note :  incense, amber, labdanum, red myrrh
    Base note :  leather patchouli agarwood (ebony) sandalwood

    MOQ: 10000pcs

  • ZUOFUN Perfume dancer men perfume

    Mode: Dancer Men 88593

    Fragrance :  wooden oriental tone
    Top notes :  lime caviar pepper ginger passion fruit
    Middle notes :  spicy spices, vodka, gin, mint
    Base Notes :  amber leather woody

    MOQ: 10000pcs

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