Zuofun is a high-tech enterprise engaged in high-end OEM/ODM processing, involving the perfume industry.  Zuofun supports full custom production and white label production.perfume manufacturer – Zuofun can bring you customized services, customized luxury high-end perfume according to consumer preferences.

Clean Rain Aroma of Tea

Each woman has her own perfume. fragrance manufacturer- Zuofun produces men’s perfume and women’s perfume. Each perfume has its own flavor and the story behind it, which can bring consumers a romantic and luxurious lifestyle.

perfume bulk carries perfume when traveling. The formal perfume has a relatively large volume and is heavy and inconvenient to carry. perfume in bulk is more suitable for long-distance carrying, and several perfume with different flavors can also be carried in bulk, suitable for spraying on different occasions.

The quality of OEM perfume is also guaranteed. You can choose your favorite fragrance for customization according to the ingredients, which is recognized by consumers.

Cosmetics factory produces a large amount of perfume. You can first ask how much the minimum order quantity is. Generally, the minimum order quantity of perfect manufacturer – Zuofun is 2000 white label products, and 10000 are used for fully customized production. And don’t worry about the production speed of perfume.

We have 60000 square meters of factory buildings, more than 400 excellent employees, and 10 perfume production lines.

When the order volume soars on holidays, we can also provide stable production to ensure that businesses have sufficient supplies.When customizing perfume, we carry out personalized packaging according to the product, which is obviously different from the common perfume on the market.

We win the recognition of consumers from the appearance, attract consumers to try perfume, smell the charming fragrance, thus increasing sales and improving competitiveness.

When you choose us, you can first determine the sample, and then we can create products with the same taste as the sample. You can choose from our perfume formula inventory, more than 3000 kinds of products to choose freely.

We produce perfume on behalf of: floral and fruity representatives: my secret pink floral and fruity. Men’s leather perfume: The black and spicy Woody perfume of the Wildlife Park is the coffee of the Men’s Wildlife Park. The strong perfume has a full base note, and you can smell the lingering fragrance after taking a bath.

The fruity fragrance is suitable for girls’ dating, creating a sweet dating atmosphere and warming up feelings. We produce fresh high-end perfume. If you are not satisfied, you can unsubscribe at any time to ensure the quality of perfume.

Zuofun is a perfect perfume manufacturer

Perfume manufacturer – Zuofun has a strong technical team and experienced R&D engineers, who can understand women’s preferences for perfume, make perfumes according to their preferences, and gain consumers’ recognition from the source.

We cooperate with famous flavor mixing masters: international senior flavor mixing masters Lucas Xiuzak and Isabel Gill (who have developed many best-selling perfume such as Davidoff, Victoria’s Secret, George Armani, Givenchy, etc.), and many cooperative countries, serving many well-known brands in the Americas, Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

The boring life needs some colorful things to adjust. perfume is a good seasoning for life, which can make life flexible and wonderful. Spray some perfume on your body, you can smell flowers all the way.

If you can use a perfume diffuser at home, reed diffuser can let us smell the charming taste of perfume, gently stir up perfume, and the whole room is haunted by a faint fragrance, like a drunken and hazy afternoon, and sleep a shallow dream, so charming, so beautiful.

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