Zuofun Perfume Factory

Zuofun Perfume Factory

Welcome to Zuofun Cosmetics!

Zuofun has built 60000 square meters GMP standard perfume factory in Huadu District, Guangzhou, with 100000 level dust-free workshop, strictly controlled the quality inspection of cosmetics, and won the “Guangdong contract abiding and trustworthy enterprise” for 13 consecutive years. Our company can undertake all kinds of perfume / skin care / shampoo class OEM, ODM, OBM orders, the workshop has 9 sets of automatic emulsification equipment, 12 mask production line. 10 filling lines, dozens of packaging lines, can produce 100 thousand daily fragrances, 1 million 200 thousand mask, and can increase production lines according to customer orders. All of our products are equiped with nice Zuofun reed diffuser and perfume dupes! You can enjoy our vivaciouscosmetics products as well.

Factory Photo

Showroom of Perfume Factory

Welcome to our big, beautiful & amazing showroom!

The overall style of the product showroom is simple and bright, highlighting the concept of ZUOFUN’s environmental protection operation. The use of natural light and the art of interior lighting design create a visual artistic atmosphere and enrich the vitality of the space. Showcasing the diversity of products and brands. Creating an impressive product aesthetic and experience and interpreting the products in a new and modern way with nice reed diffuser and perfume dupes.
There are also multimedia screens to introduce the composition, application process and effects of the products. This allows you to experience the products in a more intuitive way and also helps you to quickly understand the development and strength of the company in a short period of time.