Zuofun support OEM ODM OBM services.


                                                                                                         Original Equipment Manufacture

                                                                        ☆ Customers can process products with their own brands

                                                                        ☆ Customers can process with their own samples;

                                                                        ☆ Customers can customized it with their own product formulation requirements;

                                                                        ☆ Customers can use their own packaging to fill and process;

                                                                        ☆ Can assist customers in product marketing planning.

                  ☆ The brand can be planned according to the customer’s positioning and requirements, in processing and production.




                                                                                                         Original Design Manufacturer

 ☆  Suitable for: Customers who have registered brands but have not completed planning and design, Zuofun can help customers with planning, design, R&D and manufacturing.

☆ In addition to product processing, it also provides one-stop full service supporting value-added services.

☆Including brand registration, product planning, formula development, package raw material procurement, to VI design, product canning, product inspection, three certificates provided.



                                                                                                         Original Design Manufacturer

 ☆ Suitable: Customers who have not registered their brands and are ready to launch their own brands. Zuofun can provide a full range of services.

☆ Provide and transfer our existing registered brands, including planned productlines, formulations, positioning, selling points, packaging materials and promotional support.