To talk about the category of perfume for women is to have a discussion for hours since we would have an impressive number of references, brands, aromas, and sensations to describe and analyze. The best perfume for women not only attributes to the best for its price or its brand. There are other factors that make it the favorite of the demanding female audience. Hundreds of new scents are released on the market every day; while some manage to become a bestseller in the category of perfume for women, others fail to dethrone the classics year after year are still favorites in the lives of millions of women.

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What makes perfume for women the best? Its mixture of aromas and the marketing associated with the product should be reviewed since advertising made for perfumes most of the time tends to evoke sensations of luxury and desire.

The best gift will always be perfume.

For a woman, the perfume will always be a pleasant gesture since it ends up becoming her personal seal, an intangible factor that makes her unforgettable. If you are thinking of giving a gift but find yourself lost among so many options, we have the ranking of “best perfume for women 2021” for you, which is divided into five olfactories:

  • Floral fragrance: Floral fragrance ranks first among the perfume for women because it extracted from all kinds of flowers releases a sweet and romantic personality. A woman who prefers this kind of perfume will leave an impression for people that she is delicate, sensitive, and very feminine. The best perfume for women 2021 in this category is Cosmo Pink from ZUOFUN perfume whose top notes are Lemon Tangerine Basil, the middle notes are Yilan Rose, and the base notes are Musk, Linglingxiang Bean, Yellow Sunflower. Wearing perfume with floral aromas is an experience full of romance.


  • Woody fragrance: This type of fragrance is deep, with a scent of aromatic woods, representing a determined, strong, energetic, and independent woman image. Ma Dame de Jean Paul Gaultier is one of the representatives of this woody fragrance that we would love to recommend. It has grenadine, touches citrus orange, and a pinch of roses with the base notes of musk and cedar.

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  • Fruity fragrance: Fruit fragrance is generally the pronoun for loveliness as it will give off different kinds of fruit aromas to deliver a delicate and attractive figure. It is a fresh and fruity fragrance that appropriate to use during the summer. This perfume for women will be the perfect gift for an active and lovely woman who loves being outdoors, sharing with friends, and having a good time. The best perfume for women 2021 in this category is Obsess For Woman, with its top notes of raspberry, strawberry, sour cherry, blackberry, black currant, lemon, and orange, the middle notes of jasmine and violet, and the base notes of amber, oakmoss, woody, musk, patchouli, vanilla, and Kashmiri.


  • Oriental fragrance: This is the aroma for a mysterious and seductive woman. Oriental olfactory family is characterized by very intense, deep, and full-bodied fragrances. It cannot go unnoticed. Dancer Crystal Black is our pick from ZUOFUN perfume with the top note of orange grapefruit, middle note of pepper geranium, and base notes of patchouli, cedar, vetiver, and benzoin.

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  • Citrus fragrance: this fragrance is a bit fruity, but in this case, only citrus fruits are used, so the aroma is slightly acidic, very fresh, and youthful. The citrus fragrance is the hallmark of women who enjoy being free and independent. They are simple and very transparent. Try Touch of Pink by Lacoste that a classic citrus perfume for women. Its notes of orange, peach, vanilla, blood orange, violet leaves, and sandalwood will make you feel comfortable and full of energy throughout the day.


Knowing the olfactory families allows you to classify which is the best perfume for women in 2021. We highlight the ZUOFUN perfume because of its 3000 perfume formulas to explore the best perfume for women. ZUOFUN provides OEM perfume service to meet its clients with customization and mass production needs. ZUOFUN works with world-leading raw material suppliers to achieve the best perfume. If you are interested in ZUOFUN perfume, welcome to contact us.