Since 20th Century, there have been a number of excellent fragrances in the market. The perfume industry is in full bloom. With the development of the economy and the improvement of people’s living standards, enterprises around the world have grasped this opportunity. The annual growth rate of the perfume market continues to grow, which is far higher than that of other categories. However, despite the prosperity of the perfume industry, most of the perfume sales are limited to a small number of brands, and many enterprises are unable to find an excellent OEM perfume manufacturer. If you are in search to search to start a perfume manufacturing business or interested in finding an OEM perfume manufacturer, then you are on the right page.


You will get many benefits by choosing a good OEM perfume manufacturing services, briefly, it saves your time and effort on R&D of perfume and get more energy in marketing and growing your brand.


What to look for while choosing OEM perfume manufacturer?

OEM perfume manufacturer is the ultimate solution to earn more profit by targeting the global market. Moreover, there are other factors that are vital for you to consider while choosing an OEM perfume service. You are supposed to guarantee that the quality of the raw material, the safety of the ingredients, the reviews of previous customers and the production strength are all up to your expectation. Remember do not forget to choose a company that has vast working experience in the same field.


One-stop Service for OEM perfume

To find an OEM perfume manufacturer that meets all the above requirements is not that easy, but we have ZUOFUN perfume here, which is the ultimate solution with a one-stop service for your perfume business.


  1. High-quality raw material

ZUOFUN perfume is one of those OEM perfume manufacturers that use high quality imported material. The leading manufacturing service is working with top suppliers like BASF, ASHLAND, Dezhixin, Heda, Dow Corning, DSM, etc. Besides, professional aromaticians supports the selection and formulation work of the raw material with professional knowledge and rich experience. So, this pure plant-based raw material makes it a perfect stop to meet the perfume manufacturing needs.


  1. Safety of the ingredients

If you are using the ZUOFUN perfume service, you don’t need to worry about the ingredients’ safety. There is a separate R&D department that is working with 300-500 full-time professional workers. Moreover, a series of internal control systems and top scientific research institutes are established to meet the industry standards, implement TQM, and to be in line with international standards. All of these measures gave support in the formulation, designing, and production process.


  1. Larger production units for fast lead time

There must be a strong hard power in a reliable OEM perfume manufacturer to convincing their customers. ZUOFUN perfume has a 60,000 square meter standard workshop and 1,000 square meters independent aroma laboratory to support giant productivity. There are 7 perfume production lines and an ERP system built-in ZUOFUN to achieve perfume daily production capacity of up to 100,000 bottles and fully automatic control from packaging to finished products.


  1. Comments of previous clients

Reviews of past customers are one of those things that play a crucial role in making a decision as it will guarantee you to make a more objective decision. If you want to look at those comments, then all platforms are open for you to connect with the company. Apart from this, the YouTube channel is useful to get in-depth details. Since its establishment, ZUOFUN has been cooperated with a great number of famous brands around America, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, and has obtained good public praise.



The above content is taking ZUOFUN as an example to reveal the best qualifications that the best OEM perfume manufacturer possesses. So, if you want to be a leading global fragrance brand, then give it a try. It is a one-stop solution for quality, on-time delivery, and mass production at less price.