There is a common saying that goes like this “There is nothing more memorable than a good smell”, and it is darn correct. Everyone loves a fine scent, and what better way to smell pleasing than with perfumes. 


A perfume is a substance (usually a liquid) that is a mixture of fragrant essential oils, aromatic compounds, and other solvents that give out a pleasing smell when rubbed or sprayed. They are composed of a combination of fragrance notes, which begs the question, what are fragrance notes?

ZUOFUN Perfume

This article gives us a short guide on all you need to know about fragrance notes and perfume notes of ZUOFUN perfume.


What are fragrance notes?

Fragrance notes, also called perfume notes, are terms used to describe perfume scents depending on how long they are sensed after being applied. This basis of these grouping is on how volatile the perfumes are, and are classified as top notes, heart notes, and base notes.


Top notes

They are also called headnotes, and these groups of perfumes notes are the most volatile of the three groups. Hence, they are perceived earliest. This makes top notes important when it comes to making a first impression and is usually fresh or active. But then, these scents also have the shortest duration. Examples of top notes are: Orange zest and lemon scents found in the ZUOFUN’s Dancer Men Black and Dancer Noir Spray.

ZUOFUN Perfume

Heart notes

Heart notes are also called middle notes, and these groups of perfume notes are next in line. Their scent usually emerges before the Top Notes disappear, but before the base notes appear, you can say they are the in-between of Top Notes and Base Notes. They usually take roughly twenty minutes to one hour after the application of the perfume to appear. Rose and jasmine scent are in this category of fragrance notes.


Base notes

These are the main fragrance note of perfume because they are perceived last and stay the longest. Typically, they emerge 30 minutes after application and may remain even after 24 hours. Musk and vanilla perfumes are good examples. 


How to pick fragrance notes

The science of fragrance notes is one thing, but the end-product of the mixture of these notes is more relevant to the users. In that regard, users need to trust how they smell on a company that knows the nitty-gritty of the perfume notes. ZUOFUN perfume is one of the top companies to consider when looking for perfumes that have a perfect blend of all the perfume notes in a way that excites the senses of whoever perceives it.


Some of the products of ZUOFUN perfumes such as the Dancer Noir Spray use lemon, oregano leaf, pepper, etc. for the sharp and fresh top notes. Then amber, labdanum, red myrrh, etc. from the middle notes range, and leather patchouli agarwood and sandalwood as the base note all in one perfume.

ZUOFUN Perfume

Using ZUOFUN perfumes

ZUOFUN is one of the top perfume and cosmetics manufacturing company in China with many partner companies around the globe. We have some of the best equipment and technical know-how to meet the customer needs, be it OEM, ODM or OBM orders. 


ZUOFUN perfumes are made with a perfect blend of perfume notes, to give a flawless transition from one scent to another while ensuring long-lasting ambiance around whoever uses it. Our perfumes contain multiple fragrances from each of the fragrance notes that give a peculiar scent blend that is only achievable with the brand.