We all know that all human beings tend to look beautiful and attractive in front of others. Humans love to use perfume to be better than the rest of the general public and to create a pleasant image of themselves. Floral fragrance perfumes are the best tool and means to show a pleasant face of oneself to others because the pleasant smell causes a good image of the person to be formed in mind.


Some people always carry their perfume and apply perfume to themselves after a few hours in case that the smell disappears after a while. This issue is most likely since they did not use the obsessed parfum properly. Many people do not know that proper use can increase the shelf life of the perfume. If you are also upset about your floral fragrance perfumes’ short shelf life, it is interesting to know how using it can affect the fragrance’s shelf life. 


In this article, ZUOFUN has prepared a list of 5 practical and easy tips for you that using them will make you always smell good. Stay tuned for the rest of this article.



  1. Avoid rubbing perfume into your skin


You have probably seen older relatives as children who apply perfume on their wrists and then rub their wrists. But it is better to know that rubbing the wrists together after using the perfume can lead to breaking its chemical formula and cause the initial and middle notes of the perfume to fade and disappear sooner than they should. Floral fragrance perfumes, like other fragrances, should be used naturally and without rubbing on the skin to have a longer shelf life. So if you cannot spray the perfume, gently tap the perfume on your skin.


  1. Spray the perfume on the points that have a pulse


Perfumes react to heat, and the use of floral fragrance perfumes in the body’s pulse points, which are warmer areas of the body, helps release their scent during the day. The points located inside your wrists, inner elbows, below your belly button, and behind your ear lobes and knees are suitable for this purpose.



  1. Lubricate your skin before wear perfume


Instead of spraying floral fragrance perfumes on dry skin, first, lubricate your pulse points with ointments and then spray. A moisturizer can provide more moisture and preserve the perfume better, which ultimately increases the perfume’s shelf life. Instead of ointment, you can also lubricate the affected areas with non-perfumed lotions and moisturizers before spraying.


  1. Spray the perfume on your hair comb

If you are looking to spread the scent through your hair, you can spray the floral fragrance perfumes inside your brush and comb your hair with it. This way, your hair absorbs the gentle scents without being damaged. Spraying an alcohol-based perfume directly on the hair causes dryness and damage.



  1. Store your perfume in a cool and dry place away from sunlight


If the floral fragrance perfumes are exposed to heat or moisture, the possibility of changing its scent will be very high. Instead of storing the floral fragrance perfume on a dressing table by the window or in the bathroom, please place it in a cool drawer away from sunlight. This tip is the most important factor in reducing the quality and durability of an obsessed parfum.



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