Let the zuofun perfume,
amaze the international perfume market

China has a long history of “incense” culture. In ancient times, the literati were always accompanied by fragrance, whether they were feasting with friends or writing poems and lyrics. For the literati, burning incense and using incense not only helped to nourish the mind, but also cultivated the emotions.
Nowadays, the influence of Chinese culture on the world is increasing. More and more Chinese perfume brands are continuing the ‘spiritual core’ of traditional fragrance culture in their products. The naming, design and flavouring of these products are inspired by traditional oriental culture and incorporate Chinese aesthetics.
Making fragrance
Keep innovation to make fragrance a part of life
The power of innovation is at the heart of the brand’s continuous development and is the most fundamental reason why Chinese-style perfumes are loved by consumers. At present, Chinese fragrances can be divided into three areas of innovation: innovative perfumery, creative naming and innovative packaging.
Take ZUOFUN for example, the naming of its fragrance products is very poetic and picturesque. The names of the fragrance products are very poetic, rich in oriental contexts, and consumers can have endless imagination and expectations for the fragrance based on the names alone.
Chinese Style Fragrance Candle
In addition, perfume has always been associated with fashion, often synonymous with ‘luxury’, but in recent years, consumers have been using perfume more frequently and on an everyday basis. Perfume has become more lifestyle-oriented, with an emphasis on the home scenario. Wearing perfume has become a habit and a ritual of life. Consumers expect fragrances to bring emotional value to their bodies and minds, to help them sleep and to relieve stress. The essence of perfume consumption is still the emotional link between the brand story and the consumer.
Smell testing
Niche fragrances and unisex fragrances are in demand, Chinese fragrances invade your sense of smell.
Firstly, niche fragrances are a relative concept, corresponding to “cold fragrances”, which have been given the name “niche” because of their relatively small audience. In addition, niche fragrances also refer to salon perfumes, which are distinguished from popular commercial perfumes such as Guerlain, Chanel and Hermès. The target group of niche fragrances focuses on the post-95s and the Z generation. This segment of young people likes fresh food, refuses to be fragranced, and seeks to please themselves and live a sophisticated life. It is this group that makes niche fragrances stand out from the mainstream and expand their popularity. Examples of new additions to the perfume: gourmand, mossy, tobacco, woody fragrances, etc.
Juice Aromatherapy
At present, some niche perfume brands that are positioned at the mid-to-high end and cater to individual needs are growing faster and have greater market potential. And the taste of Chinese perfumes is still evolving. There is still plenty of room for its perfume market to grow.

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