March new arrivals: taking you to the real seaside!

According to relevant data, more than half of perfume consumers believe that perfume is a reflection of their personal style and unique taste. Compared to traditional commercial women’s fragrances (such as sweet and floral scents), the cool and rebellious personality of unisex fragrances is increasingly favored by female consumers. Unisex fragrances are also often the area where niche brands specialize. Similarly, the interest in niche perfumes has also seen significant growth among high-end perfume consumers who have experienced a variety of fragrances. The preference for niche brands is often closely linked to their high-end nature. In the past three years, niche salon fragrance brands from various regions around the world have surged into the fragrance market and are widely popular among young generations.

Following the launch of the home series this year, Joffun has once again launched a series of home fragrances with the theme of the ocean on March 13, 2023. Combining bold color applications and unique design, the new home fragrance series includes reusable scented candles and diffusers that are uniquely collectible. With a focus on a bright, avant-garde and fashionable style, it is both a lifestyle and an art form.

Marine Scent Home Fragrance

No matter when and where, the scent of the ocean, the smell of sea salt, is always in the air. It’s as if the vast ocean and beautiful coastline are right in front of you. Feel the sea breeze of nature and enjoy the refreshing and vibrant charm of the ocean. The fresh and pleasant fragrance permeates the mineral scent of sea breeze and rocks, which is uplifting. The oceanic scent intermingles with herbal and woody fragrances, injecting a lively, vibrant, and passionate atmosphere into the home.

Capture the micro-landscape of the ocean into a tall scented candle. Feel the tranquility that belongs to oneself alone. This fragrance is inspired by olfactory memories of walking on the beach in the early morning. Real seawater is added to the scent, with the aroma of waves brushing against the beach and a light scent of seawater carried by the breeze. It’s a bit hazy, a bit lazy, and you can feel the comfort and relaxation that the ocean brings. After the candle burns out, you can drop scented oil into it to continue emitting fragrance.

Ⅱ、Scented Candle Gift Set

Embark on a journey of the mind and body immersed in candlelight and fragrance. The oceanic fragrance is full of sunshine and joy, bathing in its scent as if being by the seaside. The aroma lingers on the nose and permeates the soul, awakening the body’s happy hormones, gradually bringing joy and relaxation. The fragrance turns into emotional words, revealing one by one after burning. Eight emotions are hidden in eight different scented candles. The series products are mainly in pure and translucent blue and white tones, wandering on a calm and cool beach along with the fragrance.

Ⅲ、Floating Scented Candles

When the art form of floating ice candles is combined with aromatherapy, it fills the entire space with a luxurious and cool atmosphere. You can breathe in the fresh sea breeze with a hint of seawater from every corner. The candle is shaped like an inverted triangle with a flat bottom, resembling an iceberg floating on the sea. When lit, the “iceberg” begins to melt, and its sharp edges start to disappear, allowing you to experience the perfect fusion of ice and fire.

March new arrivals

Continuing the concept of a dual aesthetic experience for both scent and sight, we believe that Zuofun Cosmetics will bring consumers a unique and updated fragrance experience with more beautiful and innovative products. We strive to accompany people’s lives with craftsmanship and excellence.

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