kayali perfume FAQ

What is Kayali?

Kayali, meaning “my imagination” in Arabic, is a fragrance line launched by Huda and Mona Kattan of Huda Beauty. The brand is rooted in the Middle Eastern tradition of layering and combining scents to create a highly personalized fragrance experience. Each Kayali perfume is designed with this concept in mind, encouraging users to explore their own scent stories.


What are the key concepts behind Kayali perfumes?

Kayali focuses on two main concepts:

Layering: The idea that combining different fragrances can create a unique, personalized scent that evolves throughout the day.

High-quality Ingredients: Kayali prides itself on using rich, pure, and sophisticated ingredients to craft their perfumes, aiming for a luxurious experience at every level.


Where can I buy Kayali Perfumes?

Kayali perfumes can be purchased online directly from the Huda Beauty website, Sephora, and other select retailers that carry high-end fragrances. It’s best to buy from reputable sources to ensure authenticity.


Are Kayali perfumes long-lasting?

Yes, Kayali perfumes are known for their longevity. The use of high-quality ingredients and a high concentration of fragrance oils means these scents can last all day, with the intensity and character of the fragrance evolving with wear.


How should I apply Kayali perfumes?

When layering Kayali perfumes, start with the lightest scent and end with the heaviest. Apply each scent to pulse points like wrists, behind the ears, and on the neck. Allow each perfume to dry slightly before applying the next layer to prevent the scents from muddling.


How do I choose which Kayali scents to combine?

The beauty of Kayali is in experimentation and personal preference. You can start by pairing perfumes within similar scent families or choose contrasting scents for a more complex profile. Consider starting with combinations suggested by Kayali themselves, or be adventurous and create your own blend based on the notes you love.


Can I return a Kayali perfume if I don’t like it?

Kayali perfumes purchased directly from Huda Beauty or authorized retailers usually come with a return policy, though terms can vary. Check the specific return policy of the retailer from which you purchased the perfume. Generally, returns or exchanges are possible within a certain timeframe, provided the product is minimally used and in its original packaging.

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