If your business is selling perfume, you cannot avoid contacting us at Zuofun Cosmetics Co. Ltd. We are the ideal organization to offer perfume wholesale. Let us have a look at the reasons why we are the ideal organization.

One stop service

We are an organization you can depend on to have one-stop services as we are an OEM/ODM manufacturer. You do not have to shop from different distributors for your products. As you disclose your requirements you can have the assurance that we will cater to all those.

R&D experience 

We have 20 years of R&D experience. We have a well-equipped lab where we can research and formulate the fragrance before we offer fragrance wholesale. Our R&D cell has developed a long-term “production, learning and research” cooperation relationship with domestic universities to ensure the quality and quality of independently developed products. So, it is for sure that the product that you have from us will be of quality and none will complain about the perfume that you sell.

Perfume Wholesale

Moreover, as the production will be according to your choice, your customers will not have a chance to complain in that aspect also.

Best-equipped factory

We have a 60,000 sq.m GMC Factory with a 2000 sq.m Laboratory. It is possible to manufacture a huge quantity of products at the same time in their factory. Moreover, we can increase the production line according to the customer order that we receive. This ensures that you will have timely delivery of your order. It is also certain that you can have the desired fragrance in your store at the designated date as committed to your clients.

Will to excel 

We have the desire to excel and having such a mind setup we never falter to deliver your orders on time while maintaining the quality standard. We always use the best raw materials while manufacturing the fragrance that you order. This ensures that all batches of fragrance produced will have the use same quality raw material and hence will smell the same. Your clients will not have any chance to complain about the difference in smell when they buy more than one bottle from you.

Perfume Wholesale

Competitive price 

We make it possible to have a quality fragrance at a competitive price. However, we never compromise on quality to make our prices competitive. Moreover, there is no hidden cost associated which will astonish you when you intend to make the final payment.

Creative mind

It may so happen that you do not have a definite fragrance in mind when you place the order. We will develop a perfume according to the demographic location and customer choice at your location. This is possible for us as we have a creative mind and through market research to analyze the perfume that your customer will love to use.

Our fragrance designers are flexible and carefully listen to your requirements before formulating the fragrance that you desire to have.

So, call us when you desire to have perfume wholesale. You can also enjoy our products at vivaciouscosmetics.

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