Zuofun Cosmetics Achieves HALAL Certification by LPPOM MUI

We are proud to announce that Guangzhou Zuofun Cosmetics Co., Ltd. has successfully obtained the HALAL certification by the Indonesian Council of Ulama (Majelis Ulama Indonesia, MUI) through the LPPOM MUI certification system. This certification signifies that our products not only meet international quality standards but also comply with the HALAL requirements of Islamic law, providing high-quality cosmetics that Muslim consumers worldwide can trust.

The LPPOM MUI certification is a HALAL certification system established by the Indonesian Council of Ulama. It aims to ensure that food, drugs, and cosmetics fully comply with Islamic law throughout the production process. After rigorous inspection and auditing, our production processes, raw materials, and products were evaluated as meeting the HALAL standards. This certification further strengthens our competitiveness in the global market, particularly in the Muslim market.


Significance of the Certification

Achieving LPPOM MUI HALAL certification is not only a recognition of our product quality but also a reflection of our deep commitment to the needs of Muslim consumers. When choosing cosmetics, Muslim consumers prioritize not only the quality and effectiveness of the products but also whether they meet HALAL requirements. Obtaining HALAL certification means that our products, from raw material selection and production processes to final products, strictly adhere to the relevant provisions of Islamic law, ensuring that consumers can use them with confidence.

Our Commitment

Guangzhou Zuofun Cosmetics Co., Ltd. has always been committed to providing high-quality cosmetics to meet the diverse needs of consumers worldwide. Achieving the LPPOM MUI HALAL certification is a firm commitment to quality and integrity. In the future, we will continue to uphold this principle, further optimize production processes, enhance product quality, and ensure that every product can deliver an outstanding experience to consumers.

Strict Control of Production Processes

To ensure that every product meets HALAL standards, we have implemented strict controls at every stage of the production process. From the procurement of raw materials and the cleaning of production equipment to the packaging of finished products, every step is carried out in strict accordance with HALAL standards. Our team is professionally trained and well-versed in every detail required for HALAL certification, ensuring that each product produced complies with Islamic law.

Strategic Layout of the Global Market

Achieving HALAL certification will provide strong support for our expansion in the global market, especially in the Muslim market. With a large and widespread Muslim population, the demand for HALAL products is substantial. Leveraging this certification, we will actively explore markets in the Middle East, Southeast Asia, North Africa, and other regions with dense Muslim populations, enhancing our brand influence and meeting the needs of more consumers.

Future Outlook

Looking ahead, Guangzhou Zuofun Cosmetics Co., Ltd. will continue to focus on innovation and quality, dedicated to developing more high-quality cosmetics that meet HALAL standards. We will strengthen our cooperation with international markets, deeply understand the needs of consumers in different regions, and provide more targeted and diversified products. At the same time, we will continue to focus on environmental protection and sustainable development, using environmentally friendly materials and processes in production to offer healthier and more eco-friendly user experiences to consumers worldwide.

Achieving LPPOM MUI HALAL certification is an important milestone in the development journey of Guangzhou Zuofun Cosmetics Co., Ltd. We believe that on the future development path, we will win the trust and support of global consumers with better products and services. We thank every customer and partner who supports us, and we will continue to strive to surpass ourselves, bringing more surprises and satisfaction to everyone.


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