good girl perfume FAQ

What is the signature scent of Good Girl perfume?

The signature scent of Good Girl is a sophisticated combination of light floral and deep, rich elements. This fragrance opens with alluring top notes of almond and coffee, leading to a heart of jasmine sambac and tuberose, and settling into a base of tonka bean and cocoa. It’s described as an innovative and bold scent that plays on the contrast between light and dark elements, designed to celebrate a woman’s complexity.


Who created Good Girl perfume?

Good Girl was created by the perfumer Louise Turner. Turner is known for crafting fragrances that push boundaries and incorporate unique combinations of ingredients to create innovative scents.


What varieties of Good Girl perfume are there?

Following the success of the original Good Girl Eau de Parfum, Carolina Herrera has released several variations, including:


Good Girl Légère – A lighter and fresher version of the original, maintaining the spirit of Good Girl but with a more delicate touch.

Good Girl Suprême – Enriched with notes of berries and Egyptian jasmine, offering a new twist on the iconic scent by emphasizing its more gourmand and floral aspects.

Good Girl Fantastic Pink – A special edition of the original scent presented in a redesigned bottle, retaining the iconic fragrance within.

Where can I buy Good Girl perfume?

Good Girl perfumes can be purchased at Carolina Herrera boutiques, authorized department stores, and through reputable online retailers. To ensure you’re buying an authentic product, it’s recommended to shop from official or authorized sources.


Is Good Girl perfume long-lasting?

Good Girl perfume is generally considered to be long-lasting, with the original Eau de Parfum offering significant longevity that can last throughout the day or evening. However, the lasting power may vary depending on the specific variation of the fragrance and the wearer’s skin chemistry.


How should I apply Good Girl perfume?

For optimal results, apply Good Girl perfume to pulse points such as the wrists, neck, and behind the ears. These areas are warmer, helping to diffuse the fragrance more effectively throughout the day. As with most perfumes, it’s advised not to rub the fragrance after applying, as this can break down the molecules and affect the scent’s development on your skin.


Is Good Girl suitable for all occasions?

Good Girl’s sophisticated and versatile profile makes it suitable for a variety of occasions, from daywear to evening events. Its blend of light floral notes with deeper, rich accords allows it to transition smoothly from a professional daytime environment to an elegant night out.

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