Flowerbomb Perfume FAQ

Flowerbomb is a highly acclaimed fragrance by Viktor&Rolf, known for its opulent and floral yet explosively transformative character. Here are some FAQs to guide you through the essence of Flowerbomb perfume.


What are the key notes in Flowerbomb?

Flowerbomb is a luxurious and intensely feminine fragrance with key notes that include:

Top Notes: Bergamot, Tea

Middle Notes: Jasmine, Freesia, Orchid

Base Notes: Centifolia Rose, Patchouli

This combination creates a multi-dimensional floral scent, balanced with a touch of earthiness and sweetness.


What is the general scent profile of Flowerbomb?

Flowerbomb is predominantly floral and sweet, with a warm and spicy undercurrent due to the addition of patchouli in the base notes. It’s known for its lavish and opulent feel, often described as a floral explosion, making it an iconic fragrance that stands out.


How long does Flowerbomb last?

Flowerbomb is known for its good longevity, typically lasting for about 5 to 8 hours. Longevity can vary based on skin type, the environment, and application method.


What occasions are appropriate for wearing Flowerbomb?

Flowerbomb’s luxurious and uplifting scent profile makes it versatile for various occasions:

Daywear: Though rich, it can be worn lightly for daytime activities.

Special Events: Its elegant and celebratory quality makes it perfect for weddings, parties, and other festive occasions.

Evening Wear: The deep floral and warm notes make Flowerbomb a great choice for romantic evenings or formal events.


Is Flowerbomb suitable for all ages?

Yes, Flowerbomb is suitable for all ages. Its timeless appeal makes it beloved by younger and older generations alike, though its bold profile might be especially favored by those who enjoy making a fragrance statement.


Can Flowerbomb be layered with other scents?

While Flowerbomb is a complex and standalone fragrance, it can potentially be layered with other scents. When layering, choose fragrances that have similar notes (like floral or sweet) to enhance the overall scent without clashing.


Where can I buy Flowerbomb perfume?

Flowerbomb can be purchased from:

Department stores

Perfume specialty shops

Online luxury goods retailers

Official Viktor&Rolf boutiques and websites

It is crucial to purchase from reputable sources to ensure you receive an authentic product.


How do I know if my Flowerbomb perfume is authentic?

To ensure authenticity:

Purchase from reputable and authorized retailers.

The packaging should be of high quality, with the bottle typically featuring its distinctive grenade shape and a flawless finish.

Check for consistent labeling and packaging.

Authentic bottles will have a batch code that matches the box.

How should I store Flowerbomb perfume?

Store Flowerbomb in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and heat sources. Keeping it in its original box or a dark cupboard can help preserve its scent and longevity.


Is Flowerbomb cruelty-free?

As of the last update, Viktor&Rolf, like many major fragrance brands under larger cosmetic groups, follows policies that aim to minimize animal testing unless required by law. For specific certifications or updates on their cruelty-free status, check directly with Viktor&Rolf or reliable certification bodies.

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