Flora and Fauna Fragrances--the new essence series of perfumes

Summer comes with heat and cicada singing. Only a refreshing scent can make people feel refreshed in the high temperature. When you inadvertently smell an especially elegant fragrance, your mood will become cheerful and light. And the quiet scent of grass seems to understand your inner thoughts better. Fresh and natural fragrance, quiet and comfortable, seems to feel the breath of nature all the time, and troubles and worries are naturally lightened.

ZUOFUN Cosmetics launches the Essence series of perfumes-Flora and Fauna Fragrances. It creates a new trend of impressionist fresh fragrance, aiming to let consumers experience the returning to nature sentiment. The visual impressions of flowers and fruits captured in nature are packaged with pure fragrant scents in each bottle. With the timeless classic salon fragrance, it explores the essence of nature.

A new interpretation
New fragrance collection

Extracting fresh natural fragrances and infusing them into bottles, the Flower and Tree Fragrances series exudes a fresh floral scent. Opening a door to a secret garden, the refreshing scent of mint and citrus attracts you to explore. Everywhere you look, there is a garden full of endless greenery. The elegant and refined fragrance of blooming flowers frees you from the shackles of noise and dust, and your mood instantly becomes relaxed and at ease. Slow down your hurried steps on a sunny afternoon, listen to the whispers of flowers, birds, and insects in the gentle breeze, and feel the beauty hidden in nature.

Bloom Flowery Dreams

The classic white floral fragrance is enhanced with rich layers of ylang-ylang, adding more richness and charm. The serene sandalwood elevates the warm texture of the fragrance.

Rhythm 24H

The natural scent is a blend of long-lasting sage, refreshing daffodil, and vibrant rosewood, revealing a lively and sensual charm. A fusion of lingering sage, invigorating narcissus, and vibrant rosewood, creating a natural fragrance that exudes vitality and sensuality.

California Dream

The rich orange scent releases joy, and the yellow cassia adds a gentle and warm touch. The lavender scent is like a caress on the skin.

Eaglewood Rosé

The thorns are removed from the rose, revealing a rare soft and rich scent, blended with the French rare ebony wood, creating a deep fragrance.

Explore sensory adventures and pay tribute to the miraculous natural fragrances. ZUOFUN’s perfumers have exquisite and complex skills in fragrance blending, creating a unique and poetic world of fragrances. For many years, ZUOFUN has been continuously iterating and optimizing its own industry, exploring and discovering more potential space in the industry from a global perspective. Let us look forward to ZUOFUN’s next breakthrough.


As the summer heat intensifies, people yearn for a fresh fragrance to cool off and unwind. ZUOFUN has launched the Essence series of perfumes, designed with a sentiment of returning to simplicity, combining the impressions of flowers and fruits from nature with pure fragrant notes. The refreshing scents of flowers, plants, and trees transport individuals to a secret garden, allowing them to experience the breath of nature and soothe their souls. Each perfume is unique and evokes a poetic sensory journey. ZUOFUN’s perfumers skillfully blend fragrances to create a distinctive and captivating fragrance world. We look forward to ZUOFUN’s continued breakthroughs on a global scale.

ZUOFUN Cosmetics offers OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) customization services, catering to the unique needs and requirements of clients. With extensive expertise in the fragrance industry, ZUOFUN Cosmetics provides a comprehensive range of services, including product development, formulation, packaging design, and production.

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