Zuofun Cosmetics Ltd.specialises in perfume fragrances. It was established in 1997 and has many years of experience with the production of fragrances. Internationally, perfume body spray and fragrance technology have always been at forefront of the scene. We are dedicated to the research and development of fragrances for personal and lifestyle use. The brands we work with today extend from beauty to hospitality and apparel. We will provide quality products and impeccable service. We assist companies in developing a strategic operating system that utilizes perfume and fragrance to create an exclusive advantage in their marketing.

Zuofun, a company that is known for its high quality and innovative technology, is quickly rising in the perfume fragrance industry. With a factory area of over 60,000 square metres. We have a special R&D room, a fragrance blending room and a 100,000-grade clean and dust-free production workshop. A group of professionals including product structure engineers, perfumers, and formulating engineers are available. Our products are high-quality and provide a strong guarantee to our customers that they will succeed in entering the market. We currently provide processing cooperation for almost 100 brands in the home and abroad. Our excellent service and reliable quality have earned us the respect of all our customers and we have established a solid, long-term relationship.

It’s a perfume adventure that starts with you. From the morning to the evening, it will inspire confidence and beauty. Keeps the body soothed while emitting a light and captivating fragrance. This unique perfume body spray is a seductive, invigorating fragrance. It offers the lightest, most refreshing way to scent your body.  So whether you spritz generously or lightly, you’re sure to fall in love with this perfume body spray at first spritz.

Body spray – Zuofun Perfume is a unique, exotic scent.

This perfume body spray was created in collaboration with top international perfumers. A perfect replica of the classic, glamorous fragrance of a major brand. This elegant body spray bottle will give you a sophisticated and refined feeling. The delicate pumps and bottles are well-crafted to provide excellent coverage. You will get a good misting performance. Enables body spray to be applied evenly to the entire body. It awakens the senses and leaves you feeling energized.

Spray our fine body spray after your morning showering, dressing, or before going out for a aromatic& trendy scent. It is smooth on the skin and keeps your confidence up all day long. Indulge in an aromatic, effortlessly wearable fragrance that emanates all day and night. You’ll be making the smartest choice with this product!

The fragrance industry is characterized by creativity and a strong sense of design. It helps to break down the monotony of life and improve the quality of your life. Zuofun studies the preferences of perfume consumers all over the globe and begins with their needs. Inspiration comes from the best perfume brands and botanical fragrances. The product is a perfect representation of the perfume’s innovation and power to create and evolve. We resonate with consumers and become the ideal choice for them.

Zuofun Cosmetics and Vivacious Cosmetics are partners in the beauty industry.

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