Has it ever come to your mind that you can wear a perfume that is entirely made for you according to your request and none other wears that? If you have such thinking then a custom made perfume that we at ZUOFUN can manufacture for you is the solution. You will have the advantage to compose and wear your signature scent which can be according to your dearest scents and can have a unique personality and social dignity. Even if you are a seller of perfume, you can have such perfume from us and make it your brand identity.

It is for sure that everyone wears perfumes; however, great people wish to wear their signature scent enabling them to disclose their majestic presence attracting the admiration of others. So, what is a custom perfume?  

What is a custom made perfume? 

A unique and personalized scent specially created for a man, woman or brand is what we call custom made perfume. We try our level best to understand your requirements and select the natural raw materials to manufacture the same at our 60000 square meters GMP standard workshop in Huadu District, Guangzhou. We never use ready-made chemical molecules to make your perfume. We have a well-established and complete R & D department where we research the ideal raw material required to produce your desired perfume. We use only pure and natural ingredients so that the uniqueness of the scent can be in place.

Custom Made Perfume

How quickly can you expect delivery?

Our R&D department does not take long to formulate the formula to develop your custom perfume. We can increase production lines according to your custom orders and so, it will not be long before you can expect to have the custom perfume on the shelf of your store. We can guarantee you that all will love to wear the perfume that we make for you and it will be according to your predefined request.

How will it help to enhance your business opportunities? 

The custom made perfume that you have from us will be entirely different from the normal perfumes available in the market. However hard a customer tries it will not be possible to have the special perfume at any other store than yours. So, if they desire to make that perfume their signature scent, they have to come to your store repeatedly. So, being in touch with us to have such a special perfume will enhance your business opportunities.

Custom Made Perfume

How we make the custom Made perfume

Our research and development team extract and distils various raw materials like flowers, woods, and resins which can be according to your choice or what our research team thinks will be ideal to manufacture your custom perfume. They will then communicate the same to our trained manufacturing team who will produce that in our 100000 level dust-free workshop.

So, whenever you desire to have custom made perfume it would be wise to be with us. We will take utmost care to manufacture the same as quickly as possible. Hope to have your call so that we can offer our professional service.  

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