Best Private Label Skin Care Manufacturers

Guangzhou Zuofen Cosmetics Co., Ltd. was established in 1997 and is the best private label skin care manufacturer. As the best private label skin care product manufacturer in China, we provide the best skin care products to companies and individuals around the world.

Best Private Label Skin Care Manufacturers UK

Top 5 The Best Private Label Skin Care Manufacturers in the UK include:

  • 5th Avenue Cosmeceuticals: Specializes in anti-aging skincare products and offers both small batch and large volume production options.
  • Cosmetics Laboratories Ltd: Offers a wide range of service including formulation development, manufacturing, and packaging with a focus on natural and organic skincare products.
  • Intercosmetics: An experienced manufacturer that supplies comprehensive services from formulation to packaging and is known for adhering to strict GMP standards.
  • Oxford Contract Manufacturing: Provides full-service contract manufacturing, including product development and quality control, ensuring products meet stringent UK and EU regulatory standards.
  • Skinlys: Offers a complete service package including R&D, regulatory affairs, and manufacturing, specializing in skincare.

Best Private Label skin care manufacturers in the USA

To help you start your search, here is a list of Best Private Label skin care manufacturers in the USA:

  1. Cosmetic Solutions: Based in Florida, Cosmetic Solutions provides a wide range of services, including R&D, custom formulation, packaging, filling, label design, and logistics.

  2. Private Label Skincare Florida: Specializing in natural and organic products, this company offers full services, including product development, manufacturing, and packaging.

  3. ION Labs: This Florida-based manufacturer is known for its high-quality manufacturing processes and capabilities in a range of health and beauty products.

  4. NF Skin: A manufacturer and distributor based in Florida that specializes in skincare and personal care products, offering services from formulation to marketing strategies.

  5. Dynamic Blending Specialists: Located in Utah, they offer turnkey private label manufacturing, specializing in natural and organic products, with eco-friendly packaging options.

  6. Vitelle Labs: Even though they’re based in Canada, they serve many clients in the USA and are renowned for their expertise in professional skincare market, offering a wide range of private label products.

  7. Nature’s Own Cosmetics: Operating out of Toronto, Canada, but with a wide market in the USA, they offer a variety of private label cosmetics solutions, including skincare products.

  8. Gar Laboratories: A California-based manufacturer that caters to both small and large businesses with a range of custom formulation and packaging services.

  9. Essential Wholesale & Labs: Located in the Pacific Northwest, they offer a broad range of certified organic and natural skincare products, with low minimum order quantities suitable for startups.

  10. Makers Nutrition: Based in New York, this is a one-stop-shop for skincare as well as health and wellness products, offering services from manufacturing to packaging and design.

Best Private Label Skin Care Manufacturers Canada

When looking for the best private label skincare manufacturers in Canada, Here are a best private label skincare manufacturers in Canada to consider:

  • KBL Cosmetics: They offer a full range of services from product development to final execution including packaging and design.
  • Vitelle Labs: A leading manufacturer in the private label and control label cosmetics industry, Vitelle offers custom formulation and an extensive range of ready-to-sell clinical skincare products.
  • Northern Labs: They are known for their natural and organic product options, providing a full range of manufacturing, packaging, and formulation services.