2023 Spring Perfume New Arrival ——A Journey to Glamour

2023 New Fragrance! Zuofun Cosmetics introduces the new exclusive Freedom Fragrance Collection! Inspired by the beautiful and delicate spring scenes, the collection is warm and romantic. It allows you to find your true self in a parallel world of disorder and boundlessness. Or in the rituals of life with friends or self-treats, with a warm and relaxing scent that conveys a deep sense of truth. To capture unforgettable moments of pleasure and to find your own favourites among the many scents!

A variety of fragrance items are used to record different spaces. By changing the scent, different sensual atmospheres are simply created. Create a calming warmth and a subtle, lasting atmosphere of tranquillity.

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  1. Fragrance pendant of 2023 new fragrance

    A perfume bottle that can be carried around. A minimalist design that incorporates streamlined aesthetic elements. A combination of style and practicality, it can be used as an everyday accessory to add style to a boring outfit. Spray your favourite perfume onto the special material pendant to guarantee a pleasant scent all day long. With a simple and refined overall style, the fragrance is a wonderful journey for the senses.          

  1. Scented candles of 2023 new fragrance

    Would you prefer a more ritualistic scented candle to the simplicity of using a plain Aromatherapy?                Lighting the candle brings a dense fragrance and the candle flame creates a soft glow. The matte textured triangular shape of the bottle is understated yet tasteful. Inspiration and insights drawn from nature are incorporated into the design and expressed through the fragrance. An enchanting and warm scent that unites special scent memories. The exquisite floral scent wanders with the light of the fire. Inspired by the blossoming flowers of spring, the scent is dreamy and sweet, creating a delicate beauty for the home space. The candle burns for approximately 48 hours and the finished container can be used as an accessory box or home decoration!

3、Scenting stones & essential oils of 2023 new fragrance

If you say, perfume is to let others remember you. The indoor essential oil fragrance is more like building a scent palace for yourself, just to please yourself. The natural fragrance that can be smelled at home is fresh and elegant, as if you are in the garden in the afternoon. The space where the fragrance flows is filled with the warmth of life. Natural crystals from all over the world collide with plant aromatic essential oils, soothing and long-lasting. After the delicate container is dripped with essential oils, the fragrance will continue to diffuse, injecting soul into the exquisite life.

2023 new fragrance

Zuofun believes that smell can affect people’s feelings, inspire people and bring a new state of mind. This new 2023 collection showcases Zuofun’s respect for nature. Bring the pleasant atmosphere of the organic world into home life, creating a simple, beautiful and sustainable home fragrance series. In terms of visual style, a breakthrough has also been made. Hope to break the public impression of the fragrance category. Use personality and original design to deepen users’ memory of the brand, and explore the combination of trends and fragrances.

Welcome to contact us for samples! Let’s explore Zuofun’s exclusive Freedom Fragrance Collection and other classic fragrances together!

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