2023 fragrance new trends is growing fast, with new consumer hotspots emerging

The value of perfume in today’s market has been given a more emotional element, in addition to the primitive value of covering up body odour and enhancing one’s image. Perfume, a “low-cost luxury” that brings physical sensation through the sense of smell alone, has become a “spiritual solace” in these difficult times. Against the backdrop of economic downturn and social unrest, there is a growing tendency to buy lower-priced consumer goods to make people feel good about themselves. Today’s fragrance consumption has long been an effective way to enhance well-being and relieve anxiety in life.

As a result, the fragrance market has expanded since the epidemic and has taken on a different dimension than before. Not only have new products been launched to increase market share but also the rise of niche perfume brands has been noticed. The global consciousness of sustainable development is starting to impact the fragrance market. Fragrance marketing, which relies heavily on olfactory perception, has changed as a result of the epidemic. New opportunities and changes are being seen in the fragrance market after the epidemic.


In the face of a sweeping epidemic, people are trying to avoid the effects of the virus by staying at home for longer periods of time. But, staying home for too long can have adverse effects, such as reduced income, extended separation from family and friends, and mental health problems. Emotional comfort is therefore essential during an epidemic and perfume plays an important role in providing psychological healing.

Most consumers still use fragrances for emotional reasons, with the expression of personal style also being an important driver. Affected by the epidemic, most perfume consumers are paying more attention to the quality and safety of their products. In particular, the safety and greenness of fragrance ingredients, including whether the fragrances contained in the products are natural and whether there are allergenic ingredients. Many consumers still learn about fragrances from offline retailers. The most important channel is brand counters, followed closely by beauty brand chains or fragrance multi-brand experiences shops.

2、New "keywords" in the perfume market

If the fragrance consumer of 2022 is more mature and more aware of itself. In 2023, the fragrance market is becoming more diverse and new. The rise of salon fragrances, the entry of cross-border co-branding, the constant iteration of various commercial plays, the perfect combination of technology and creativity. All these are important indicators of the vibrancy and vitality of the future fragrance market.

The multiple uncertainties of the future have seriously affected the expectations of fragrance consumers. Nearly 70% of consumers say that the epidemic has made them more rational in their daily consumption, especially women. More than 80% of consumers are more concerned about their mental well-being. Consumers are willing to pay more for higher quality products and services and better customer experiences. At the same time, consumers continue to pay more attention to environmental protection, with “green”, “organic”, “pure” and “natural ” and other concepts are gaining attention.

A farewell to a year full of changes in 2022, the fragrance market in 2023 is set for a new round of growth with a new look. The fragrance track, which is an extension of perfume, has been a rapidly-growing blue ocean that enriches and grows the global fragrance market. Recent research shows that fragrance supplies are increasingly popular among consumers. Over half of perfume consumers say they use fragrance supplies other than perfume. More than 80% of fragrance users said they would like to use scented products in the future.

For the new fragrance track: the home fragrance segment, sales of aromatherapy products are growing significantly across all platforms. This segment will be a major player in the market for fragrances, even though the headline effect is not yet evident. Surveys and research on the relevant sub-categories show that consumers have increased their use of each category in 2022, compared to last. Relevant brands should further investigate and conduct research on the topic of home fragrance supplies usage, which has become a major driver in the fragrance market.

Innovative forms of creating a more unique experience for consumers will become the new trend in the fragrance market. The fragrance industry will receive greater capital attention and favor as a result of its growth. In the future, consumers will seek more spiritual enrichment and happiness. This will be a key trend in the beauty- and fragrance industries for the next five years.

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